Nutrition is more important than sports

"The people use food as the sky" and "life lies in exercise", and eating and exercise are indispensable in life. Throughout the society, most of the active exercise every day is the elderly. They have enough time to do it when doing work, and do not have time to do various sports. Walking, running, mountain climbing, training Tai Chi, dancing, 80 % or ninety of the streets, lanes, parks, and lakes are all elderly people.

According to such a positive exercise, the sick elderly should be reduced, and the current situation of many elderly people is:

At the beginning of the exercise, the first few years were sick and had a strong physique. But the older the age, the more you practiced all kinds of problems, and did not enter the hospital, especially the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, while exercising, he was committed.

What is the actual cause?

Eating is much more important than exercise. Those who exercise their health are often exercising and light -eating. It ’s a few hours of exercise every day, but eating is rough to talk about meals.

1. Lost qi and blood

People are old, and qi and blood loss is a common problem for the elderly. Each organs have served you for decades, and it also consumes a lot of wear.

2. Weaken digestion and absorption ability

Another feature of the elderly is that the amount of rice is reduced, the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal and intestines also weakened, and the sleep time is decreased.

3. Insufficient blood supply

The old and blood loss, the decrease in blood capacity, can easily cause the lack of blood supply to the limbs, so the old man is relatively afraid of cold, and he wear more clothes.

After we exercise, the limbs are warm because the blood supply is obviously sufficient, and at this time, the internal organs, especially the heart and the brain, will have a relatively large organs of blood supply to bechemia.

Exercise does not increase the blood capacity, but re -distribute the blood. For long -term exercise, the elderly will have symptoms of dizziness, panic, breath, sweat, and brain ischemia.

Therefore, middle -aged and elderly people please remember: nutrition is more important than exercise!

In nutritional balance, there can be less disease and long life

A reasonable and rich diet can enhance physical fitness, replenish qi and blood, so that all organs of the whole body can have sufficient blood supply at any time, reduce the occurrence of cardiac and brain diseases, and extend life.

In addition to moderate exercise, the elderly should focus on supplementing their bodies with diet. According to the weakness of the elderly, pay attention to the following: pay attention to the following:

01 Eat something to bite

Teeth falling off is something that makes many elderly people distressed. The teeth are not good. Many foods cannot be chewed. Therefore, they are more monotonous and gradually suffering from malnutrition.

For this kind of elderly people, the food should be softened to help digestion.

For the elderly who are still healthy to the teeth, as long as they can bite, the normal diet is enough. There is no need to pursue a soft and rotten diet. After all, the human teeth and gastrointestinals are "used in abandonment".

02 Stable food cannot be less

The staple food must be eaten, it is best to ensure the amount of 3-4 bowls per day.

For the elderly with obese, you can replace the white rice with white rice with brown rice, oats, and miscellaneous grains.

03 Fruit eats daily

Fruit ensure an orange or an orange every day, or an apple.

If it is a fruit of other categories, it is enough to eat 1 all size every day. Be sure to eat fresh fruits, and the juice cannot be counted.

04 Eat vegetables enough

Eat 500g of fresh vegetables every day, and the mature ones are probably a large plate. The more types, the better. It is best to choose dark dishes.

Of course, remember to less oil and less salt when cooking.

05 milk supplement nutrition

Drink at least 300ml milk or 300g of yogurt every day.

06 Eat meat poultry and fish eggs in moderation

In winter, I often eat mutton. Fish and shrimp are mainly seafish and shrimp. The nutritional value of sea fish and sea shrimp is high, and at the same time, it is less polluted.

Various amaranths are rotated to eat within a week to ensure that all kinds of nutrition is complete. Remember to remove fat and skin when making red meat.

At the same time, eat less or not eat duck meat, snails, mussels, mullet, crabs. These cold foods, the elderly are weak and weak, and the cold and cold things are likely to hurt the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the elderly should also eat as little or not.

07 Eat more porridge food

It is recommended to use red dates, longan, walnut kernels, ginkgo, yam, chestnut, hollow lotus seeds, pine nuts and other nuts to eat porridge to eat, delicious and nutritious.

08 Oil should be controlled

Choose vegetable oil, it is best not to exceed 15ml a day, that is, there are so many spoons.

Animal oil should be controlled, it is best not to eat it every day.

09 Drinking tea should be season

Tea that the elderly drink should also pay attention to it. In autumn and winter, cold tea such as bitter gourd tea, bitter tea, honeysuckle tea, cassia tea, etc. should drink as little as possible.

Can be replaced with warm tea such as black tea and Pu'er.

Daily moderate exercise is necessary, but nutrition must also keep up. This is good for the body.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!