Shayin OpenRunPro sports headset is not greasy in summer sports

There are many beautiful things in summer, such as ice, ice cola, beautiful clothes, handsome guys on the street. Before the summer comes, I want to to be the most beautiful babies on the street! So at this time at this time, I increase the amount of exercise and reduce fat.

Xiaobian will have a habit during exercise, that is, wearing sports headphones, because this will make my exercise more fun. This year, the editor bought the Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headset. With it, as long as it is fitness, When paying attention to the following three points, you can easily cultivate the habit of fitness.

First of all, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro is different from ordinary headphones. It is an OpenRun Pro bone conduction headset created by Shaoyin around the concept of "open listening". Maintaining the perception of the surrounding environment background sound, predict the environmental changes in advance, to avoid the danger of hearing cover and non -attention blindness due to the use of ear or noise reduction headphones, and to the greatest extent to ensure the safety of users during exercise.

Moreover, Shao Yin OpenRun Pro sports headphones are significantly improved compared to the previous generation of products, sound quality and calling. The SHOKZ TURBOPITCH ™ low -frequency enhancement technology combines the Corecush low -frequency enhancement unit, making the low -frequency output stronger, the playback rhythm is strong Sports music is even more powerful; the newly designed voice call noise reduction system is formed by the combination of double silicon digital noise reduction microphone and CVC algorithm software and hardware. Pickup, noise reduction, and intelligent recognition in one go, make the voice calls clearer and smooth.

In addition, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro's battery life is also amazing. The 10 -hour ultra -long battery life is sufficient to complete the two Malaysian competitions. The blessing of the fast charge technology makes the OpenRun Pro fearless of the electricity anxiety. I found that the headset is not electric before going out. The minute battery life can be completely cope with general sports fitness training.

As a sports Shayin OpenRun Pro, there is another obvious advantage, that is, the IP55 level of waterproof and dustproof. Whether it is sunny, cloudy or rainy, OpenRun Pro resisting sweat and rain, as long as you are willing to move, Shaoyin OpenRunPro can accompany the whole process to accompany the whole process you.

Secondly, if it is too difficult to stick to it, it is better to find some people to accompany you to train. For example, many people claim to be Vivi's sparring. Because 60 million fans Liu Genghong opened the live broadcast to urge vivi training, no matter how many people in the live broadcast room, his eyes would not leave vivi. If we are exercising, we can find someone who is willing to urge us to move.

Finally, exercise should be step by step, don't be too anxious. Just as Coach Liu said in the live broadcast: Although everyone came for the Compendium of Materia Medica, it must not directly practice the "Compendium of Materia Medica", and start from the warm -up. Finally, it is necessary to end with stretching. If you feel the strength of the exercise is too great, you may wish to reduce the strength of the exercise. As long as it moves, it consumes calories. Being able to adhere to training for a long time is more than a lot of high -intensity exercise that only adheres to a few times.

As a world -renowned and leading sports headphones brand Shokz Shao Yin reminds you: Dai Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones fitness, you can also be happy!

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