Shaoyin OpenRunPro sports headset protects the safety of exercise safety

Sports, fitness, and weight loss have long become a recognized health lifestyle. After busy work, gym, sports fields, and sports parks are all sports and fitness people, or running, or equipment, or aerobic, or yoga ... There are many diverse. Even on the road to get off work, you can often see people wearing headphones running and cycling on the road. Although this is also a high -efficiency exercise method that does not waste the commute time, from the perspective of security, when this method is in this way, in this way, this method Very dangerous!

A data released by the University of Maryland as early as 2012 has shown that pedestrians wearing headphones from 2006 to 2011, the chances of being hit by a car on the road and the chance of accidental injuries for other reasons are higher than those who do not wear headphones. Three times; at the same time, in all traffic accidents caused by wearing headphones and no external sounds, the overall mortality rate is as high as 68%.

At the same time, long -term research also shows that listening to songs during outdoor sports can reduce fatigue and enhance endurance. So do you have two full -scale solutions to listen to music and sports, exercise and safety. Are there any two full -scale solutions of "fish and bear's paw"?

Of course! This is the "open listening" solution brought by SHOKZ Shao Yin in China and the world's leading sports headphones brand. Based on the original research and development of the core technology of the bottom level of the acoustics for more than ten years, the OPENRUN PRO sports headset created by the bone conduction technology is based on the concept of "open listening". You can also appreciate music, keep your ears a keen perception of the surrounding environment background sound, and predict the environmental changes in advance, which fundamentally avoids the danger of hearing cover and non -attention blind vision caused by the use of ear or noise reduction headphones, the greatest extent Ensure the safety of users during exercise. In terms of security, the natural advantage of OpenRun Pro can be said to be the pinnacle of sports headphones.

Shaoyin OpenRun Pro performed well in sound quality and actual wearing experience. Not only does the Leakslayer leakage elimination technology and the 180 ° phase difference are reversed to eliminate the dual binding of leakage, the actual performance basically eliminates the problem of leakage, and the risk of personal privacy call leak is eliminated. In addition, it also uses a new generation of SHOKZ TURBOPITCH ™ low -frequency enhancement technology, and a Corecush low -frequency enhancement unit, which realizes the output of the full -frequency band sound, making the sound quality details more abundant and a better sense of hearing. It is very high and bright in the high -frequency band. There is no harsh situation of broken sounds. The mid -frequency band is delicate and layered. The overall sound is more warm and thick. In the low frequency band, it is very clear and powerful and shocking the heart.

In terms of call reduction, the outside and bottom of Shaoyin OpenRun Pro have a microphone module, combined with the CVC noise reduction algorithm effectively enhanced the signal -to -noise ratio and sensitivity, which can effectively isolate environmental noise and intelligent recognition call sound to eliminate echo in the call. Guarantee people's voice is clear and natural, bringing a good call experience.

As the flagship product recently released by Shaoyin, OpenRun Pro itself has a variety of fashion colors such as knights black, denim, grapefruit powder, desert yellow, and Kipjog's nominated orange+Haoyue ash. Denim blue, dark blue and light blue contrasting color matching value. Moreover, the headset body is very thin and soft, only 29g, so it will not have any sense of oppression to wear. Because it uses a titanium alloy skeleton, it will not deform and distort at will, and the reliability is fully guaranteed.

Shaoyin OPENRUN PRO bone -blending headset, its light and comfortable, safe and durable, dustproof and waterproof, improvement of sound quality, etc., are very humane core advantages, coupled with Shokz Turbopitch, Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chip, CVC noise reduction algorithm, etc. A significant improvement of sound quality and call quality, fully made a bone conductive headset reaching a comprehensive balance. It is not only the first choice of "artifacts", but also the only choice for users to protect the hearing of the headset and eliminate the uncomfortable wearing of traditional headphones. Are you still unwilling? Search for Shao Yin or OpenRun Pro in and Tmall. 1298 yuan can be taken home in less than 4 yuan a day through the early interest -free method of

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