Let teenagers fall in love with sports and enjoy sports

A few days ago, the 34th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress reviewed the second review of the draft draft draft sports law. In response to the health issues such as myopia and obesity, it should be effectively carried out to carry out sports intervention, attached importance to "sports therapy", and clarified it. Education administrative departments, sports administrative departments, schools and families shall organize and guide young people to participate in sports activities.

In recent years, health issues such as obesity and myopia have attracted widespread concern. The "Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases (2020)" issued by the National Health and Health Commission shows that the ultra -heavy obesity rate of children and adolescents 6-17 years old in my country have been close to 20%. According to the special survey data carried out by the National Health and Health Commission, in 2020, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in my country was 52.7%, of which primary school students were 35.6%, junior high school students were 71.1%, and high school students were 80.5%. The problem of myopia was very prominent. The insufficient time for outdoor activities and physical exercise is one of the important reasons for the health of youth.

Physical education class is often canceled or occupied, and students have less outdoor activities

Avoid the health problems of adolescents and promote the growth of young people, and school sports education plays an important role. However, many readers and netizens have reported that there are still many weak links in school sports education and urgently need to be strengthened.

"Physical education class is often canceled and occupied, and students have fewer outdoor activities. Most of them are self -study after class, or arranged for the content of cultural courses." Mr. Wang, a reader in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, left a message on the "Leadership Board" of the People's Daily Online. The children's academic pressure is high, and the habits of eye habits are not good, and outdoor activities are not allowed during schools. The physical education class is also indoors. "Many times it becomes self -study." Essence

In this regard, the Guancheng Hui District Government of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province responded that during the epidemic prevention period, in order to meet the needs of students' sports activities, the school tried to divide the venue for partitioned activities, but because there were many students in schools and limited activities venues, students were temporarily arranged to be on the room indoors. In physical education, the next step will take students to take turns to carry out sports activities to meet the needs of students' sports activities as much as possible.

In some schools, physical education classes are still in an optional position. They are often occupied by cultural courses. When they encounter bad weather, they often change to self -study classes. This is related to some schools that do not attach importance to physical education. Some school teachers said that although sports have been included in the scope of the examination, the status quo when the evaluation criteria of sports examinations are not scientific and the pressure of sports examinations have not been fundamentally changed. Some schools have even canceled students 'extra -curricular activities for students' safety considerations, and children can only sit in the classroom all day.

In addition to daily physical education classes and outdoor activities, sports competitions often inspire students to participate in sports, but there are still weak links in the school sports competition system. Reader Liu Hailong reported that at present, the sports competitions for primary and secondary schools are very limited. "My area seems to have only elementary school football games, and not every elementary school can participate. It is difficult for ordinary children to have the opportunity to play."

Some readers report that there are often only a few sports competitions for sports competitions that can participate, and most students generally do not have the opportunity to participate. In this regard, reader Zhang Yuping suggested that the "sports points" reward mechanism can be set up to standardize the training and management of various sports systems and enrich the form of sports. By participating in sports, you can get points, reaching a certain score can be redeemed, let more children fall in love with sports, and make sports competitions no longer the activities that a few people participate in.

Lack of places suitable for young people activities, out -of -school sports training needs to be regulated urgently

Last year, the State Council issued the "National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)", which proposed the implementation of the promotion plan for youth sports activities to carry out sports intervention on issues such as myopia and obesity.

The National Fitness Plan has spawned a large number of public sports venues, but there are also problems such as uncomfortable venues and adolescents. Chen Yun, a netizen in Zhangye City, Gansu Province, reported on the "Leadership Board" of the People's Daily Online that with the continuous improvement of urban planning and construction, many sports facilities were built around the place of residence. However Lack of places suitable for young people activities, "I hope to build a group of small street stadiums such as basketball courts and football fields to meet children's sports needs."

Li Xueqing, a reader of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said that many children can not keep up with their physical energy, but they can't find the right place to exercise. It is recommended to configure sports facilities suitable for young people in public areas such as squares, parks, communities.

The characteristics of sports venues and adolescents are not adapted, not only cannot mobilize the enthusiasm of young people to participate in the movement, but also may cause hidden safety hazards. Netizen Mr. Qiu lives in a large -scale community. According to him, "Every day, a group of skateboarding teenagers play skateboarding on the square, and the noise has caused great trouble for the lives of nearby residents. It's not safe to play skateboarding. " Mr. Qiu suggested that when planning and designing function areas, he can open up a specialized youth activity area, while ensuring the safety of exercise, and does not affect the daily life of nearby residents.

At present, there are more and more sports training courses and sports clubs for young people, but operations need to be further standardized. Inadequate qualifications, false propaganda, mandatory charging, and difficult refunds have appeared frequently, which has discouraged many parents and students. Moreover, physical education requires high professionalism, especially professional sports such as climbing and trampoline. If the guidance is not in place, it will increase the safety risk of adolescents. In this regard, some netizens suggested that extra -school sports training is increased as a supplement to school sports to provide students with differentiated sports training. Relevant departments shall provide the society with some standards for off -campus sports training and youth sports clubs that meet the standards, introduce relevant policies to standardize the development of the sports training industry, and establish a service supervision working mechanism. At the same time, strengthen the supervision of out -of -school sports training, and resolutely correct incomplete qualifications and false propaganda.

Bao Yongfu, a reader in Shangdu County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said that in some ages, rural adolescent obese rates have surpassed the city because there are many left -behind children in rural areas. In the absence of parent guidance, it is easy to add to TV or mobile phones, occupying exercises or outdoor outdoor outdoor Playing time. "Moreover, there are fewer sports areas in rural areas. It is recommended that relevant departments consider building more small stadiums taunted in rural areas to stimulate children's enthusiasm for participating in sports." Bao Yongfu said.

Support social forces to participate extensively and fully tap potential activity space

In March 2022, the China Office and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Constructing a higher -level National Fitness Public Service System" to propose to implement the promotion plan for youth sports activities to allow each adolescent to master more than 1 sports skills and cultivate sports. Project population. Kaiqi and good physical education classes are encouraged to issue 1 physical education class every day during the basic education stage. Support sports schools, sports clubs enter the school, and the youth palace will open public welfare post -school sports interest classes. Support schools, youth palaces and social forces to cooperate to create public welfare sports clubs.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued the "Compulsory Education Sports and Health Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)" to make detailed provisions on the content of the "sports and health" course during the compulsory education stage. The project also includes emerging sports projects such as ice and snow sports, which gives students a variety of choice space, and further enhances students' enthusiasm for participating in sports.

The Mantian Central School in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province is a mountain school. The school has formed a special wrestling team to participate in the national and provincial championships many times. The school has formulated a layered training plan around the wrestling project, incorporated wrestling into the physical education plan, and implemented in the course gauge to ensure that each student can participate in the wrestling movement. Students have maintained a higher rate and pass rate for their physical health tests over the years.

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau introduced the management measures of the out -of -school training institutions of young people (young children) in sports to strengthen the service supervision of off -school training institutions during school age, compulsory education, and high school. If you want to hold off -campus training for high -risk sports such as swimming, skiing, diving, and rock climbing, you need to apply for a high -risk sports business license. The method also clearly requires that the pre -collection fee must be used to use the supervisory households, encouraging the use of "first training and then charging", "one lesson, one to eliminate" and other charging models, and further regulates the training of out -of -school sports training for young people.

In response to the existing fitness facilities to meet the needs of adults' fitness needs, Li Dong, senior research commissioner of the Chinese New Urbanization Research Institute of Tsinghua University, suggested that Li Dong should further tap the potential activity space of urban and strengthen the construction of youth sports venues. He suggested that you can support the construction of small fun sports venues such as badminton stadiums and basketball courts in urban parks, to attract young people to carry out sports activities; or make full use of the idle places in the streets or communities to build youth activity facilities. At the same time, the service functions of existing youth sports venues should be expanded, and competitive sports competitions are held more targeted to organize sports knowledge competitions and sports and cultural festivals.

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