What is the muscles of the dumbbells

Some sports can be done, but some exercise projects need to be used with equipment, in fact, for some fitness equipment, such as dumbbells or barbells, some fitness equipment can do multiple exercises , Can use the dumbbell to do dumbbells before panda, then what position is the muscle of the dumbbell? Let's take a look.

What is the muscles of the dumbbells

In fact, everyone is not stranger for the dumbbells, some people who exercise may also understand, mainly for the part of the triangle marshal, and the dumbbells have an advantage, which is the muscles of other parts. Will get exercise, so it is not easy to make a phenomenon, mainly for the triangular muscles of the humerus, everyone knows that when the weight is lifted, the triangular muscles will be very accurately moved on each plane. Therefore, through such exercise exercise, the triangular muscle can be better exercise.

What is the standard movement of the dumbbell before a dumbbell?

If you want to make your dumbbells to achieve the ideal effect, you must correctly do the movements of the dumbbell, first of all, you must stand well, or close to the forty-five-degree oblique station, hands with dumbbells The grip is as wide as the grip and shoulders, and then raise the dumbbell forward, pay attention to the elbow slightly bent, until the height above the line of sight, then slowly put down and restore, repeat.

Put a few sets in front of the dumbbell

Under normal circumstances, it can be eight to twelve, weight selection of 10RM or 12RM, relatively beam of triangle muscles and back, and the forward lead is indeed strong, it is possible to do 12kg or 15kg, but must remember, at the beginning To do a full warm-up, do not do a movement to practice, you can use small weight to adapt, the number of questions, the formal group of four groups can be used before the weight.

What is the muscles of the dumbbell before? For this movement, many people have some understanding, and some people don't understand anything for its workout, standard movements, and a few groups of several groups, some people don't understand, introduced these in the above content. Related knowledge, I hope to help everyone.

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