After the female row, after the three losses, I didn't expect Zhu Ting's wrist injury. How to deal with the wrist injury?

Chinese women's volleyball team in the latest game, 2: 3, I am defeated the Russian Olympic Committee, and I have suffered three games since the game. The old injuries of the female row core player Zhu Ting's wrist injury has a great impact on its overall performance. In this regard, Lang Ping did not avoid her wrist injuries when they were facing the lens. "I didn't expect Zhu Ting to hurt so heavy, we have been conservative treatment, I have been watching it before, but I can't do it." Lang Ping said, "The next two games will make healthy players to live. We will be with doctors and Zhu Ting himself discusses, may let the healthy player rush. "

It is reported that the injury of Zhu Ting wrist stems from an unexpected injury in 2017, but it has been unable to perform surgery because of various events and the Olympics, and can only be treated while playing the game.

Obviously see Zhu Ting wrist injuries serious picture source: Weibo women's volleyball Zhu Ting

The injury on the sports field is a common thing, and how the wrist injury should be treated and treated.

How to deal with wrist injury

In the process of exercise, if the wrist sprain is caused, the wrist is painful, swelling. Two days before the sprain, it can be cold or ice, reducing swelling. Three days later, patients can use hot compress to relieve pain, swelling, and can also achieve such purposes through some promotional blood circulation drugs. Before the wrist has not been fully restored, it is not recommended to use the wrist to do some great movement, and do not work, otherwise it may lead to another injury. You can actively actively active palms, your wrists, can also make some care, treatments to rehabilitate. If the degree of injury is more serious, you should go to the hospital in a timely treatment.

After understanding the wrist injury caused by the exercise, it is necessary to choose conservative treatment or surgery.

Old injury, conservative treatment of OR surgery?

Zhu Ting's right hand wrist old injuries, no surgery, only conservative treatment, is not the treatment. For example, after the wrist fracture, the method of conservative treatment is mainly fractured, and then plaster fixation. Usually in a fixed process, some drugs can usually take some drugs to treat, orally, some drugs that promote blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, to help local swelling. It is also possible to take some drugs that promote bone growth to promote the healing of fractures. If surgery is treated, it is cut back, there is a knife, and it can make rehabilitation exercises soon after surgery. Suitable for treatment can be selected according to the actual situation.

As early as before, Zhu Ting's wrist injury has been very serious. There have been many fine broken bone slags. Just Zhu Ting will participate in the system, it is impossible to treat the system. It has caused the root of the root. Play. Zhu Ting is not God, and it is impossible to play the best state in the case of a serious injury. We also saw that many years of competitions, no matter which game, women's volleyballs, they all made all the best. It is not a miracle every time, Zhu Ting also won a lot of points in the case of being injured in the wrist, and the enthusiasm of the female and the girl's self-financing. No matter what the result, the spirit of women's volleyball is always infected with the people, and is always the first in the hearts of the people.

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