Stretch the waist, feel "cool"?

The office worker is facing the computer throughout the day. When you don't pay attention, you will take a few hours. When you feel the back pain, make an yaw, your head is slightly tight, your arm has given your strength, and the feeling is solid. It is very comfortable.

However, stretching this simple little action will make you feel comfortable, even a little "cool"? In fact, this shows that your situation has a problem, and the body is giving you a signal you want to move!

Stretch back is comfortable

When 39 Health Network, Dr. Lu Zhen, a discontinuation of the Spinal Surgery, Beijing Boai Hospital, Beijing Boai Hospital, asked: "Do you generally stretch?"

"It's too long before sitting in the computer."

"That's right!"

Dr. Lu Zhen tells 39 health nets, people sit in front of the computer for a long time, generally maintained the posture forward, the eyes look forward, shoulder with the chest, the abdomen is relaxed. After such a movement lasts longer, the front muscles, including the chest and abdomen, will always be relaxed, the muscles of the neck and the back are in a state of elongation and fatigue.

"So after sedentary, it is neck acid, shoulder, rear and backache, but rarely happened to be painful." Lu Zhen said.

When stretching, it is just a stretched state in a relaxed state.

Doctor suggestion: more tensile movement

As for some people, it may be high in stretching, Lu Zhen means that people will grow high because of the development of bones, if it is limb traction, there may be a tensile effect, but stretching is just a moving action, can not grow Highly preserved in scientific further verification

"Although this stretching is not a child, it is conducive to the shape of the body." Lu Zhen suggested that you can do more stretching exercises.

Lu Zhen told 39 health nets, if he often does the stretching exercise, the human center axis bones, including from skull to neck, chest, lumbar vertebrae, will often be stretched, and there are many benefits for human body. "The so-called gluten is one inch, longevity ten years, is also the truth."

In addition, modern people work - long, leading to insufficient stretching in the front side of the body, including insufficient muscle strength such as chest, abdomen, front side of the thigh. "Some people can't do it after the simplest feet, or they can come up." Lu Zhen said that he suggested that you can do more stretching and tale exercise in your daily life.

Lu Zhen said that most people's back muscles generally have no problems, but the abdominal strength is weak, and various stretch motions including the foot and the movement can stretch the human body to the heart, the people's abdominal muscles, pot bottoms Muscular, diaphragmous muscle, etc. also tightened, and can improve the curve of the body and mechanics stability. "Observe that many dancers' movements are stretched to these movements, and they are beneficial to shape."

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