What is the correct fitness order of the gym is not blindly exercise

With the continuous improvement of living standards, in recent years, the fitness industry has been vigorous development. More and more people have begun to join the fitness team. Many people like to go to the gym when they are idle, thinking that they can help themselves The body is healthier. But actually go to the gym blindly, it may make the effect of exercise, and even let yourself be injured. What is the correct fitness order of the gym? Let's take a look at it in detail!

What is the correct fitness order in the gym?

First of all, there are two major categories. The most common category is slimming and reduced; the other is a muscle, gain, although these two types are different, but exercise in the gym It is still necessary to follow the following order to better ensure the safety of motion.

(1) Semed is the premise

Say the correct fitness order of the gym, first warm up before exercise is a very necessary step, warm-up exercise can gradually becomes a state of movement, avoid accidents such as cramps or sprains during exercise. It is recommended that everyone can carry out 10 minutes warm-up exercise before starting exercise, or use a treadmill for 15 minutes, etc., it is very nice.

(2) Power exercises should then

For friends who need to increase muscle or weight loss, you need to exercise in your warm-up, which can focus on your body's muscles for 30 ~ 45 minutes of strength training, so you can use your fitness equipment yourself. It enables significant effects in the case of weight loss, increase muscle, and strong effects.

(3) Stretch relaxation

Among the correct fitness sequences in the gym, the stretch relaxation is a necessary step after exercise. After performing targeted power training, the fitness needs to carry out 10 ~ 15 minutes of aerobic exercise with aerobic fitness equipment, by stretching Relaxing muscles can avoid problems such as muscle soreness afterwards.

The above is the relevant content of the correct fitness order for the gym. In fact, the fitness is not a strictly regulatory thing. Everyone needs to follow the three steps: warm up - training - relax, as long as these three Steps, you must get a very good exercise effect.

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