How to stretch

In our side, many friends have running habits, especially for many office workers, because they have a long time for a long time, there is no time to exercise, and it is easy to cause the body to have sub-health. This situation does not pay, so many friends have Night habits. But after night running, you must pay attention to protect measures, especially pay attention to stretching, this problem is not very understanding, how to stretch it after running?

How to stretch

After running, the stretching is replaced by the left leg and the right leg, and the legs are reached back, or bend one of the legs, and the other legs are straight, which can play a certain stretching effect. In addition, it is also possible to stretch before the legs, can be supported or helped, keep the upright state, with hand to catch the ankle in the same direction, and then keep one leg does not bend. Both of these methods are relatively simple to stretching, which is very nice choice for friends who have been tight after running.

Another way is that it can be tieted through the abdomen. You can choose to stand upright. The arm is standing upright. These both can stretch into the foot and the abdomen to help us relax the muscles and avoid muscle soreness in the next day. The situation is also a good choice. The least ignore is that everyone must pay attention to the hips, because the buttocks are more muscle, this situation is easy to cause sore pain, we can place an ankle on another thigh, be a squat, so Can help us effectively relax your hips muscles.

How to stretch your steps? When the above case is over, it is recommended that everyone must take appropriate walk. Although many friends will feel very hard after exercise, the walk will make us feel very comfortable, and it must not be ignored after pulling over. So for many friends who love sports, we must also strictly develop a good stretching habit, so that we can maximize the protection of motion.

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