Can the running machine be able to lose weight?

Nowadays, the stress of social people is getting bigger and longer, and the time of work is growing, and the unhealthy lifestyle makes our weight also become more and more unpacking, so we will lose weight into the topic of most people, go to the gym. The way is suitable for many white-collar people, choose to lose weight from treadmill, is that running machine can lose weight?

Many people will choose from sports in the beginning, because the exercise weight loss is best, and running as an economic movement is the first choice, because the venue is not limited, as long as there is a double running shoes, you can start at any time. But if the body is too large, it is easy to start running. So we recommend excessive running from fast.

Most white-collar workers, especially women, because work is busy, there is no time during the day, and the night running will not be safe, so the treadmill of the gym is not the best choice.

The treadmill is going to pay attention to the first hot body and awaken the joints of the body. It is recommended to start from four to six kilometers. After the body is hot, it will gradually speed up the speed. Generally, it will last for five minutes, and the body is slightly sweating. In the second phase, the treadmill is adjusted to six to eight kilometers per hour, and it is suitable for self-body energy, and the duration is suitable for one hour. Fast walking can use more fat to supply power, and the fatal fat effect is relatively obvious.

No matter what exercise, it will have an effect. The way the running machine will lose weight is also the same. Single training is at least 30 minutes to forty minutes. Because the exercise of exercise before thirty minutes is the glycogen in the body, only more than 30 minutes of exercise, is also really consuming fat. If you feel that the treadmill is somewhat boring, you can listen to music, or watch a movie, this time will be faster, and sports will be more interesting.

If you have a better weight loss effect, you should not only go fast, but also work with light diet. Commonly known as "three-point training, seven-point food" diet is also a very important role during weight loss. Eat less food, let the appetite adapted to such a rhythm, cooperate with fast, will be half-time!

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