After exercise, the magic operation


Life lies in exercise, exercise can strengthen the body, and exercise can also bring fun.

My favorite exercise is running. When running, it was cool, and listened to the sound of the wind passing through the ears, as if he had left all the troubles behind him, which was much easier.

Running can always get many unexpected surprises. I remember a school game in high school, and classmates in the class actively signed up for the project I like. I only reported the running project and wanted to participate in the participation. I did not expect the results to achieve gratifying results. The first place, this result is almost my expectation. A warm applause sounded from my ears and echoed for a long time ~ After experiencing that school luck, I feel that I have a lot of confidence, and the whole person has become more cheerful.

Although I have left campus and have been living on campus for several years, I still love sports. There are many styles of sports. I have tried yoga, jumping aerobics, etc., but I have been trying to persist, but I still keep running every day. habit. Running not only allows the body in front of the computer for a long time to get exercise, but also releases the negative energy of the backlog for one day. The feeling of exercise is simply too relaxed ~ As a foodie, after exercise, I like to eat winter self -malt sugar biscuits, brown sugar and salty flavor and salty taste. Egg yolk taste is simply super! Intersection Intersection It is too much to supplement the energy and satisfy the taste buds!

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