Lip the fat combustion, watch Liu Genghong outdoor sports, see Sihao love running

Recently, a period of "Compendium of Materia Medica" fired all over the entire network. "Liu Genghong Girl" instantly became a hot topic on the entire network, setting off a wave of national fitness. The popularity of the new crown epidemic has made more and more people realize the importance of having a healthy life. In addition to following Liu Genghong's jumping fitness at home, if you prefer outdoor sports, you must look at this Zhixuan pure electric car with "running artifacts" -Si Hao loves to run. Let ’s follow Keep Fitness Master’ s Congress to enjoy the health of sports health for Sihao ’s love!

As a runner with nearly 140W fans on Keep, Da Yue has his own understanding of the running sport. "Many people feel that running is too hard and tired, but as long as you open your legs and start focusing on the process of enjoying the process, you can gradually experience the breakthroughs and self -improvement brought by running. To the ideal self, it is like Sihao loves to run this car's attitude: if you love to run, you will always run. " Da Yueyue came up with the voice of many runners, opened his feet, followed his love, this is the attitude towards life that Sihao loves to pass.

The sport of running seems simple, but it has high requirements for speed, strength, and endurance. How can I run fast and long? Si Hao loved his answer. Si Hao loves to run with the ultimate sports attitude, equipped with a three-in-one deep integrated electric drive system. The 340N · m oversized torque can burst into strong power instantly. 100km/h acceleration time is less than 7.6s. The unique track mode of the same level allows you to experience absolute speed and passion. In addition to running fast, Si Hao loves running more durable. It is equipped with a honeycomb battery 2.0 technology. Si Hao loves running up to 602km, which is longer than the distance of 14 marathons. Iteratively evolved wisdom heat pump air conditioning 2.0 is standard, adding 6 major hardware, including solenoid valve, one -way valve, three -way water valve, and plate heat exchanger to achieve reuse of the waste heat recovery of power batteries and driving motors. The environmental temperature will be used. The lowest exploration to -18 ° C; the comprehensive increase in heating and energy conservation was increased by 7%, and the winter battery life was reliable.

As a "running artifact", Sihao loves running for sports enthusiasts. The first thing that is the huge space brought by the big hatchback shape can not only install various sports equipment at will. After the exercise, the rear seats that Sihao loves running is plainly. The mobile lounge for muscle stretching; the central armrest box is intimately equipped with air -conditioning air outlets. Whether in the hot summer or in the cold winter, you can drink a bit of water with a suitable temperature after exercise; if you still run in the wild, you still run in the wild in the wild. The enthusiasts running in the mountains, Si Hao loves to run on the vehicle smart power station to provide 6600W high -power reverse discharge to meet your outdoor power needs. I am tired of exercise, and Si Hao loves running. prepares you for various car entertainment life, allowing you to rest and relax in the car. In addition to massive online videos, I love Run on the live broadcast function, including all CCTV, mainstream satellite TV, and local Taiwan. Lying in the car after exercise, a new way of entertainment. With the blessing of Xunfei Smart Voice Assistant and Huawei's smart ecology, Si Hao's love -running smart car experience will definitely give you enough surprises.

At the time of running in Spring, if you are also an outdoor sports enthusiast, follow Sihao Ai to run with your legs and sprint into a beautiful distance!

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