Golf movement, a campaign about "circle"

Most of the balls in the world are round, but golf seems to be particularly "round".

First of all, the golf itself is a special ball. Its surface is covered with a lot of "concave pits". Before the 19th century, golf was also a smooth ball, but later, people discovered that the old rough balls, the old rough balls, Farther than the smooth new ball.

Its scientific basis is from the perspective of air dynamics, which can be divided into two parts of the golf ball during the flight: one is the opposite resistance from the direction of golf, and the other is vertical upward lift. The small concave pit on the surface of the golf ball can not only reduce air resistance, but also increase the lift of the ball, allowing small white balls to show a farther and more beautiful arc in the air.

This is the unique pursuit of "round" in golf -when all the balls are pursuing a more rounded touch and a more beautiful arc, it abandon the false appearance and pursue a deeper "round". Upward, taller, farther, longer.

Secondly, it is the golf swing pose, and it is a "circle" to depict the entire swing trajectory during the swing. With the spine of the body as the axis, the process of painting and circle of the swing is strict with the coordination of the entire body and the cooperation between various joints and muscles. The arms and even the requirements of the wrist are required. Their cooperation must form a system to knock out the perfect route and the ideal flight height at the moment of hitting the ball.

This is the application of the "circle" of the golf movement. Each arc of the circle represents the direction of other arcs. Through the energy accumulated in the same direction, the storage, force, and release power are achieved in one go. Explosive power and control are vividly played in a circular movement. It shows the essence of exercise. It is muscle around the joint movement, allowing more body organs to participate and metabolism. In continuous circular movements, it breaks its own existing physiological steady state and re -establish a higher stability.

The ancient nation especially likes Yuan, because Yuan is a display after the experience. The formation of rounds needs to be polished. After hundreds of years of polishing, the golf has become a "round" movement. Its circle is not only reflected in the sphere and motion mechanism of its movement, but also on its culture.

The culture of golf movement is a rounded culture. It is gentle and non -conflict. It is honest and self -disciplined. Anyone in the rules of golf movement can feel this round culture without edges. It is a kind of mature and a complete and harmonious spiritual culture of the world, and that kind of harmonious mind needs to be polished by many 18 holes.

Japanese writer Yoshiya Yoshihiko once said, "From the perspective of the perspective, the circle is still that circle. Endless, no twists and turns, endless extremes, no confusion. Expanding this circle to the world is the world. Shining this circle to the extreme, and then then It is myself. It is round, and the world is also round. The two are inseparable and coexist. "

Golf sports are like this "circle". No matter how the golf course is ever -changing, it is still a golf movement. It is an endless and infinite sport. Expanding this movement to a lifetime is a journey of perception of life. The reduction to the extreme is a journey of self. Whether it is self or life, it can be coexist and sublimated in the golf movement.

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