What is the knee activity?The orthopedic doctor tells you 9 possible causes and countermeasures.


In the past few days, I received a private letter in the background: When I was squat, my knee sometimes hekes, what is the situation? Is it a problem with my knee?

When doing squatting or squatting down, the knee made a sound, I believe in daily life, whether it is a young man, or an older, most people have encountered this situation.

Is this a knee reminded us that it is "sick"?

First, when you are squat, what is the knee?


There is a gap between the normal joints we all over the body, called the joint chamber, although "hollow", but the gap in the head is actually full of slide. Normal, the negative pressure of the joints of the joints is sucking together, and the slide is better than the intermediate gear, which can help us operate. So why will it cause the knee to make a strange sound?

1, physiological:


One is physiological caused, often because there is no activity joint or instant to force, so that the tendon role in the joint causes a deformation, causing a negative pressure in the joint cavity, and the negative pressure in the cavity The vesicle can be sagged, which will result in a slide-liquid generating gas (nitrogen, oxygen, etc.), bubbles and slid fluids are compressed, and the seggers of the depressed joint feedback will sound.


2, pathological:


The other is a pathotic ever. Unlike physiological elastic, it will accompany the redness and heat pain of the section; the joint telescopic dysfunction; the joint twisted. The cause of joint lesions is often related to the hempering plate wear, knee joint osteoarthritis, free body, syndrome, syndrome, syndrome, etc.


These diseases are very important if they want to achieve good prognosis. It is recommended that the knee joint is frequently issued, and the relevant festival is unbelievable, should seek professional orthopedician help as soon as possible.


Second, how to detect if the knee is healthy


The knee is the most susceptible to the leg, protecting the knee joint, and is an important step in "anti-aging". How to determine whether the knee is healthy by self-test?

1, knee joint detection

The two leg spacings are made with shoulders, and the knee cannot exceed the tip. If you feel difficult to complete the action, you can feel weak at the same time, and the knee may have already had a problem.

2, 30 seconds sit together test

Sitting on a normal chair, stop standing quickly and see how much it can do in 30 seconds.

3, up and down stairs

Knee arthritis will be pain in the next floor, and then it is difficult to get on the stairs, and finally develop for the way, and even when you sleep at night, there will be pain. If there is a headache when the next stairway is started, you must pay attention.

Third, protect the knee joint, please move

A study published in "Orthopedic and Sports Physical Treatment Magazine" shows that the incidence of leisure runners is only 3.5%, and the incidence of arthritis of the competitive runner is 13.3%, while the arthritic arthritis is seated. The incidence is 10.2%. That is to say, high-intensity movements and long-standing may cause arthritis, and appropriate amount of running, it is actually more beneficial to health.

1, aerobic exercise

Quickly walk, jogging, swimming, etc. is a light aerobic exercise. It is recommended for more than 30 minutes to carry out such a project, 5 days or more per week. For elderly friends, you can reduce the amount of exercise properly, you can do it at 10 minutes, 3 times a day.

2, flexibility exercise

Good flexibility is also very important for joint health. When watching TV or listening to books, use one side to hold a chair or table, stand up, and one hand pulls the heel of the same side to bend the knee joint . Stretching can help enhance the flexibility of the tissue around the joint to avoid injuries.

3, muscle strength exercise

By enhancing the muscles around the knee joint, it is better than adding a "protective pad" to the joint, more beneficial to joint health. On weekdays, you can do more straightforward elevation, strengthen the four-legged training; or do the arch bridge exercise, strengthen the muscles of the hips.


If you can't exercise above because some special reasons can try the following: Quarter


Quarter is a workout method that is very suitable for the elderly, or the knee bone. It is reasonable and easy to adhere to the stationary exercise mode.

Exercise method:

The first step: back the wall, the two feet, and the shoulder width, gradually extend forward, and the body's gravity is formed a certain distance, about 40 ~ 50 cm.

Step 2: The back will slowly fall along the wall, the body presents a lower position, so that the long axis of the calf is vertically perpendicular to the ground. The angle between the thighs and the calf is> 90 degrees. Generally, each time I can't persist, I have ended, rest 1-2 times, repeat the action, repeat 3-6 times.


Quarter is best to do different angles. For example, 3 angles of 30, 60, 90 degrees, the effect is better. When you squat, it is best not to cause obvious pain. Otherwise, improper exercise will increase damage.


Orthodoxitis is a very common disease in life, and its happens seriously affects people's living life.Osteoarthritis is like a population over 65 years old, and it also brings a heavy burden to many families.Therefore, protect your joint health is a compulsory course for every middle-aged friend.Be


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