How to do the stretching exercise before running

It is necessary to do some exercise in life, which can improve our body's immunity. It is also possible to prevent disease, so it is the most common way to do related appropriate exercises. A campaign, you need to do a good job before running, then how to do the stretching exercise before running?

How to do the stretching exercise before running

Put the legs outside when standing, another side of the body, one leg repeating ten times, then do legging, when the body feels shaking, it can grasp the fixed object to stabilize. Standing straight to the front, kicking the heels, when this movement is easy to do, you can try to play while playing, each can be changed once, so repeating ten times. You can also put the left leg, the knee exhibits a curved state and except, trying to use the right hand to gently pat the inside of the left foot, do not turn forward, repeat ten times, and change the other side.

Pay attention to keeping straight state in the knee and the back, the legs are stretched and lifted, the toe presents a curved state, move forward, when you can make such actions, you can increase the action, make It is more challenging, and each step is changed, so repeated ten times. In addition, it can be forwarded forward, so that our front knee exceeds the leg tip part or is slightly in the next, and then vertical with the ground, the center of gravity must decline, the upper body is kept upright, the abdominal muscle should pay attention to tightening, You can change one side every step and repeated it ten times.

How to do before running? It is necessary to do a slow-moving area before it is officially running, which is to do some warm-up moves, and many methods for stretching exercises, doing a good job before running It is better to run the effect, about the content of stretching exercise before running, and you can help everyone.

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