What many movements are important for stretching exercises before running

I remember that when I was in the sports class, the teacher always asked us to take a hot body, and then rushed around the field. Many students did not understand why they must do warm-up exercise before running. In fact, it is not only to go to school, even now we want to run exercise, usually do a few stretching movements first, to help the body adapt to this movement. What are the stretching exercises before running? Let's take a look at it in detail!

What are the stretching exercises before running?

(1) Pending legs before and after

Keeping standing in a state of standing, in front and back or left and right, can help activities our hip joints and pulling the inside and outside muscles, can avoid thigh cramps during the running process, the problem of muscle strain occurs.

(2) High lifting leg

It is also common to conduct high-raise legs in front of running before running. First keep the running posture, then pull the tip of the foot, exchange the high-raised legs through the two legs, and the effect of stretching is also very good.

(3) stretching the front side of the thigh

In the case where the body remains stable, use the handcuffs knees to the back pressure, and can also stretch the inner muscle group in the thigh. However, in the process of stretching, pay attention to strength, don't blindly pull the effect of pursuing stretching, so it is easy to get the body.

(4) Stretching the back side of the thigh

The rear side of the thigh is backwarded as the name is to stretch the thigh back side. After hooking the foot, try to press the body to press the body.

The above is the relevant content of the stretching exercise before running, in fact, there are many stretching exercises before running. In addition to the introduction above, there is a calf 腓 muscle stretch, the calf is the fish muscle stretch, walking kick, etc. A variety of stretching motions, of course, everyone does not need therefore it is difficult, because you don't need to make all the stretching exercises once every time, just choose a few stretching, it feels that the body has adapted to the rhythm of this movement. You can start moving.

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