Don't speed, as long as the number of steps!Jama: Many every day, can reduce mortality

As the saying: life is moving! Then you know, what is the cheapest, and safest way? walk!

Even if you have improved, you can insist on walking around the road every day, the reason is nothing more than: work is too busy, the entertainment activity is too much, the pressure is too big ... but in fact, the walk does not delay time, only every day It takes 30 minutes to achieve unexpected health effect.

Jama: Many every day, can reduce mortality

Do you know which nation is the world's best nationality? "Nature" magazine statistics on the number of more than 700,000 people around the world, and the results have found that the average number of Chinese people is far from the world!

According to statistics, China's Hong Kong walks 6880 per day, and China's mainland will walk 6189 every day, and the first place and second place in the list. Indonesia, where the last one of the list, walks only 3513 every day.

Why do China love to walk so? Perhaps it is a subconscious, I think that walking and weight loss is healthy!

Recently, it was published in a study on the "American Medical Association Magazine (JAMA)" showing that more steps from the daily steps are significantly related to the death rate.

The researchers analyzed representative adult sample data in 2003-2006 in US national health and nutrition survey data. Analysis showed that 4,840 people have effective accelerometer data at 6,355 ages over the age of 40, of which 54% are women, 46% are men. In the population of wearing accelerometers, the proportion is a crowd of BMI indexs in 30 or more, as well as people with large drinking. The older population, higher education, more fitness measures, the BMI index is lower, and the risk of chronic disease is also relatively low.

Participants took an average of 9124 per day, of which 91% of the participant accelerometers wore 5.7 days and worked on average 14.4 hours a day. 94% of participants wear at least 10 hours a day, and wear at least 3 days a week. In addition, 14% of participants have only estimated steps data. As of December 2015, the follow-up time was an average of 10.1 years. There were 1165 people in participants died, including 406 people died of cardiovascular disease, 283 people died of cancer.

The analysis results show that the number of daily steps and all due to mortality are closely related:

There are 655 participants below 4000 steps, 419 deaths, and the mortality rate is 76.7 ‰ per year.

There are 1727 participants in step 4000-7999, and 488 deaths are 21.4 ‰ per year.

There are 1539 participants in steps in step 8000-11999, and 176 deaths are 6.9 ‰ per year.

A total of 919 participants above 12,000 steps were more than 12,000 steps, and 82 deaths were 4.8 ‰ per year.

As long as you start walking, your body will active changes.

It can be seen that there is a lot of benefits walking. for example:


Walking can protect the cardiovascular and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The study found that in the old ages over 65 years old, the daily walking time is more than 4 hours, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 69% compared to the elderly below 1 hour or less. Risk reduced by 73%.

Lower blood sugar

Walking can lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes. When blood sugar increases, insulin automatically regulates the level of blood sugar, walking can increase the sensitivity of insulin while reducing the risk of diabetes complications.

Prevention of old age dementia

When walking, the brain requires more oxygen, there is interest to increase the cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation, exercise the brain, make the brain more flexible, prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

Strengthen myocardial function

Walking can improve the exercise endurance of myocardial, increase the amount of heart, enhance the contraction of the heart, and achieve the purpose of strengthen myocardial function.

Enhance immunity

Walking can improve endocrine, regulate hormone level, enhance immunity, and protrude in terms of anti-cancer, anti-cancer.

Some people have abolished their knees because of walking, how is it better?

However, walking is not going to have a health effect.

Ms. Qi, Shijiazhuang is a diabetes patient, and her blood sugar control has not been ideal due to insufficient exercise. The doctor told her that except for the usual housework, half an hour after a meal, but also add some scientific walks, Tai Chi, square dance, etc. Ms. Chen asked, but she didn't grasp the amount of exercise, and laid away 1-2 hours a day. After a while, she came to the hospital, saying that her knees have been fragile and unable to walk.

After the doctor's examination, Ms. Qi has a knee joint, which is caused by senile osteoarthritis. The doctor reminded that for diabetics, the amount of exercise is not bigger, the better, according to the actual situation of his body, choose the appropriate exercise.

So, how should different people walk the most scientific?

According to the previous previously mentioned in the "American Medical Association Magazine (JAMA)":

Every day, 48,000 steps are more than 51% of the death risk every day, and the 12,000-step person will drop by 65% ​​due to death risks. People walk 14,000 or more or more than 16,000 steps every day, all due to death risk will continue to fall. Therefore, for normal people, the best exercise effect can be achieved every day 4000-8000. For those who haven't moved, as long as they increase the 2000 steps every day to 4000 steps every day, they can significantly reduce mortality.

For patients with chronic diseases, compared with those who take 4,000 steps every day, the risk of 8,000 steps and cancer has dropped sharply.

In order to ensure health effect, pay attention to these points

In addition to the number of steps, in order to achieve the purpose of health, pay attention to these points when walking:

One is the time, and the scientific step is recommended for 1 hour. According to the 100 step per minute, the 6000 step is most appropriate every day.

Second, the best time of walking is four or five in the evening, around half an hour after dinner, it is best to end 2 hours before sleeping.

The third is the posture, the correct posture of walking is straight, the hips, the shoulders lift, lift the chin, the eyes are facing front, then lift your legs, the arm.

One of the best sports in the world, do you have a habit of walking? If you don't have time, you can try to park your car in a relatively far parking lot, walk to your destination, or use a walk in your way, but you must pay attention to you!


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