Can't persist in exercise?Maybe you should choose to exercise according to character

Life is in sports, often participating in sports to the human body benefits, it has an important role in promoting the normal development and development of the body, improving mental health levels, enhancing social adaptability, and cultivating talents with comprehensive development. From a health perspective, adhering to physical exercise is conducive to human bones, muscles growth, enhancement of cardiopulmonary function, improve blood circulation system, respiratory system, and digestive system, which is beneficial to human growth, improve immunity of disease resistance, Enhance organisms adaptability while avoiding human body to enter aging.

However, it is not a simple matter every day, and the persistence needs to have tenacious perseverance. Many people are in the exercise process, because physical fatigue is often easy to waste, so that the purpose of maintaining health is not.

So, is there any other way to persist in exercise? Yes, that is to find the exercise with your own character.

Innervantimeter, suitable for personal sports. The introverted person is quiet, the group, the province, likes to be alone without contacting people, because their social is always holding a certain distance, so choosing individual sports projects in sports help them get rid of the restraint, such as running, swimming Yoga, etc. Outgoing personnel, it is more suitable for collective sports. Export-oriented people usually feel exempt, enthusiastic, lively, cheerful, good at communication, adapt to environmental capacity, can choose collective sports, such as basketball, football, badminton, etc.

Judging what exercise is suitable for yourself, in addition to selecting the personality classification, we can also choose from temperament. The temperament type is a typical classification for human temperament. There are four types of temperament, which are more blood, bile, mucus, depressive.

More bloody people have vulnerable, enthusiasm, lively, love, love, sympathetic, flexible thinking, quick response, like to communicate with people, easy to transfer, interest and emotional transformation, this kind of person is suitable for participation Rapid and flexible movement such as table tennis, badminton, tennis, etc.

Ballbladder is popular, very enthusiastic, strong, strong, temper, severe mood, easy to move, action, this person is suitable for stimulating and challenging sports, such as skiing, surfing , Rock climbing, etc.

The mucus people are calm, good at resting, the head is bitter, there is durability, the attitude is heavy, not humble, don't love the empty talk, serious, but not flexible, not easy to transfer, because of the old, it is recommended to choose shooting, archery or long run.

The depressed people are careful, thinking is thorough, and it is easy to be easy to be indiscriminately in front of difficulties. Generally manifestation is unsettled, it is not very inciting, observed, very sensitive, expressive, more good, act slowly, ok, has obvious inclusion. It is recommended that yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, etc. can be quiet and alone.

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