When the girl is fit, how many pounds are generally used?

Fitness exercise is very meaningful for everyone, making your body healthier and makes the body more perfect. Waving a rain in the gym every day, I hope to have successful harvest. I have to say that the obese population is now growing, of course, it is very related to the quality of the quality life. When the fat content in the body is far more than the standard line, it will not only form obesity, but also gradually affect health, it is necessary Timely control this trend, and do more to speed up fat burning. If you want to solve excess fat, exercise is essential, women who don't often exercise, there is no so strong, so you can use some auxiliary tools to improve the movement effect. For example, the elastic band is very popular in the near future, that is When choosing, how many pounds are generally used?

Girls generally use how many pounds of elastic bands

The elastic belt is also a resistance belt, which is increasing the resistance during exercise, increasing the intensity intensity, compared to the traditional dumbbells and barbells, and the resistance belt is more convenient, don't look small, its power is not small. Every day, I insist on the use of the elastic belt during the training. In the subtlety, I have quietly influence the training effect. I usually take out the elastic belt at any time during the office or in a square.

When choosing the elastic band, the salesperson will generally ask, to choose how many pounds of elastic bands, actually asking the elastic band to choose how much resistance, the bigger the difficulty of training is definitely bigger, but everyone's sports ability is Different, choose the resistance to bring it if it is necessary to consider how much the intensity of the individual can bear.

For example, 20 pounds of elastic bands are probably equivalent to 18.14 catties, which can have eight heavy resistance levels, from small to large, different types, color representatives are different, words from small to big, color order should be talents, yellow, Red, green, blue, black, silver, gold, that is, if you buy brown, it means that the elastic force of the elastic band is relatively small, the resistance is also small, if you choose a golden, the resistance will be very large. It is generally recommended that women choose 20 pounds or less elastic bands during the training process, which is about 12 pounds. If the first time uses the elastic strip, start from the pound, give the body, do not easily challenge too high, not only can achieve exercise effect, but may increase the burden, causing harm.

Girls generally use how many pounds of elastic bands

In summary, the resistance can exercise into all parts of the body, and there is a role of stimulating the shape of muscle growth. If there is a special need to use the elastic band to help the body to make rehabilitation training. As a woman, if you guide the use of the elastic band auxiliary training, it is important to choose the right thing. If you don't know what color, what is the heavyweight, then listen to the salesperson's suggestion, but starting from the small level is not wrong. . When practicing, the small-level stretch belt is too small for himself, then add a level or direct trip, as long as the body movement is allowed.

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