Why is athletes easy to infect new crown viruses?Expert: Athlete is immunity or lower than ordinary people

In the past few days, the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread in the multi-country professional sports circle. On the 18th of Beijing, the US professional basketball league Net team star Kai Wen Durant confirmed that his new crown virus was positive, and there were also his 3 teammates in "trick". Subsequently, in the short week, the US dated 7 players infected new crown pneumonia. International football, on the 17th, the La Liga team, the Valencia Club released the official announcement, 35% of members were positive in norteena neoguanponic nucleic acid detection. As of 18, 12 players were diagnosed. In this context, the European Five League - Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Armor and Deglam are all suspended, 2020 European Cup, the Americas Cup also announced to postpone until 2021. The President of the European Po.

Then there is always a professional athlete who impressed "physical quality", why have so many people "trick"? In fact, the player's immunity may be lower than ordinary people. In training or competition, players often force their body to their limits. This is also a behavior of the immune system, which causes low moving immune function, which is human "immunosuppression". In addition, the team is in a dressing room, meeting room, hotel room, etc., dozens of people are eating, and it is easy to have large-scale infections. During the competition, it is difficult to avoid sweating to each other, and these have increased risk.

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