What do you need to bring to the gym?

What needs to go to the gym with it? With more and more people's ideological consciousness, people are going to the gym more and more. A lot of people go to the gym for the first time will feel helpless, mostly fear from the uncertainty of the unknown. Many newcomers fitness before going to the gym for the first time and there is no concept of fitness, go to the gym do not know what to wear with what, afraid fool of myself. Then go to the gym more about the need to bring together what is relevant to look at it.

1. Suitable sneakers

First, go to the gym to choose a pair of comfortable shoes. If you want to run, then, to choose good shock absorption performance running shoes, you can reduce the impact of injuries on the knees, ankles and other parts caused by the run. If only worn indoors, then choose a pair of soles soft, non-slip good on OK. Girls words, gym and yoga courses are also a popular choice for a variety of dance, yoga, then do not need to wear shoes, modern dance shoes can choose. Do strength training have a special weightlifting shoes, novice, then started wearing canvas shoes are also possible.

2. sports underwear

Going to the gym, you have to choose a suitable underwear. The breast is not muscle, if in fitness, you can just rely on the surface of the skin and ligaments play a supportive role, fitness must wear sports underwear, including the operations are run classes, yoga classes, once chest hurt, then think about the difficult recovery . Guests can choose a better quick-drying breathable wicking tights.

3 cups

With glass is very important, moving transport will sweat, sweat will pay, so that we must go to the gym with plenty of water. Because the need to add water before and after exercise is much higher than you expected. So bring a sports cups, the kind of measurement is more suitable to calculate their own how much to drink water, do I need to add moisture and other circumstances.

4. Sports Towel

Then had to go to the gym with a towel, you do not bring a towel and enjoy the feeling of sweating can, but in order to respect our common environment, as far as possible with a soft, absorbent towel bar.

5. sports headphones

To Shuashuai movement with a headset is necessary. Fitness is a very tough process, listen to music help to help ease the sense of fatigue in motion. In addition, in this case, listen to songs, the stage will feel better, in fact, distracted.

6. Fitness Gloves

What needs to go to the gym with it? Go to the gym, definitely do some mechanical training, we must be prepared to exercise special gloves, or hand it is easy getting calluses.

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