Sports are the best maintenance, each age has "gold sports", many people still don't know

"Sports are good for physical and mental health."

Yes, this old says, many people listen to the ear. Many people know that they have sports, but they have not taken action. First, because I don't know what to do, I have no deep personal experience for "good movement".

Recently, "Liu Yejie" psychiatric scope issued a study, involving 1.2 million people, analyzing different exercises on physical and mental influence. Which sports costs are high, which sports are very potholes? Let's take a look together.

From mental health: the highest cost performance

The study of "Willow Knife" considers the impact of exercise on mental health and also considering the impact on the body. When collecting samples, the researchers focus on several kinds of mental burden and mental illness in modern people, depressed, emotional problems, pressure, etc., and severity, such as self-feeling, and Diagnosis has depression.

As for the movement, they identified 75 kinds of sports from 1.2 million people, and divided into 8 categories, are team sports, bicycles, aerobics, running or jogging, entertainment sports or other, winter projects or water sports For walking, home movement, and unable to classify. After considering age, gender, BMI, race, economic income, marital status, education level, etc., they analyzed these movements on reducing the spiritual burden.

As a result, for the problems such as depression, pressure, no matter what kind of exercise is good, there is always a strong movement than not exercise.

But what kind of exercise is best?

In all samples, group activities, cycling, and oxygen gymnastics are the best in reducing the spiritual burden, listed in one, two, and three. For depression disorders, the top three are team events, cycling, entertainment sports and others. The so-called entertainment campaign refers to some team movement, basically low-intensity basketball, football. Alternatively, the body movement is helpful to improve depression.

This movement can reduce 47% all due to mortality!

In addition to psychological influence, the positive role of exercise on the body is natural. However, what exercise is the biggest impact on the body's positive? In 2016, a study of 80,000 people in 10 years may be inspired by you.

The study sample is to find the relationship between different exercises and all-factor mortality. The results indicate that tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc., can make all the mortality rates by 47%, far away from second, three swimming (28%) and aerobic movement (27%).

Reduce the top three movements of the mortality rate

In lowering cardiovascular disease risks, the top three remains the effect of swimming, swimming and aerobics.

Top three sports to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

However, exercise should have effect, and it is also important to exercise time. To achieve the best exercise effect, the exercise time should be maintained between 45 and 60 minutes, less than 45 minutes, the effect will be reduced, but greater than 60 minutes, the benefits will not be higher, and there are many negative impacts.

Every age has a gold movement

The above two studies are for all age groups, then what sports is suitable for different ages? For different ages, we have different "gold sports".

1-7 years old Swim: This age group is in a rapid development period, swimming can regulate the cardiopulmonary function, and exercise coordination, and lay a good physical foundation for children;

8-25 years old spheres: Ball motion may increase the reaction rate, cardiopulmonary endurance, which is conducive to this stage of muscle and skeleton development;

26-45 years old climbing, jogging: This age group is prone to chronic diseases, climbing or jogging, etc., can relieve stress, improve cardiopulmonary endurance, and accelerate metabolism;

Flight 46-65, effort, power exercise: the person, physical strength and muscle volume decline in this age, and the safety is more prominent in sports choice. Flight can improve blood circulation, appropriate strength exercise does not prone to safety accidents, and enhanced muscle strength itself is also conducive to preventing exercise accidents;

After 65 years old, the bow practice: the person in this age is in the recession period, the muscles accelerate degradation. People who do not often exercise suggest more stable exercises, such as the bow to end-bearing legs.

But no matter which age group, the most important thing is to keep exercise habits.


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