Do you really affect appetite?

Will you hungry after exercise? If you have a healthy weight, this is not a problem, but if you want to try to lose your body's extra weight, then you can replace the calories you want to work hard.

For decades, researchers have always wanted to try to clarify whether to eliminate the intensity or duration of the exercise, and some research (not all) indicate, high-intensity intermittent Training (HIIT) can reduce the appetite of the body, and Hiit usually requires 30 or 60 seconds to go through the training and alternate for 1-2 minutes, that is, we can repeat 20-30 exercise mode.

Other studies have found that long exercise (length is 90 minutes) or can effectively inhibit hunger, the researchers pointed out that if you want to combust fat, the longer the exercise, the more the body burns, but the problem is that many people can't Well, for a long time in most time. Another problem is that men and women seem to have different reactions in sports, so this is unable to be terminated, then what is the answer? People can try different exercise time and duration to analyze which exercise method is the best on weight loss, you may even find that in the morning, you will have a good exercise compared to the body's health and weight loss compared to breakfast. Generate different reactions.

But we have to remember that sports does not significantly reduce weight, but it is good for the integral health of the muscles and body in combustion calories, so we must ensure that sports / exercise is part of our maintenance of the overall health plan. .

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