During the epidemic, how to run with a mask?

With the improvement of my country's new crown epidemic situation, people's life will slowly return to the right track. With the rise in temperature, the weather is improved, and some people also start outdoor sports. If running is a basic movement.

However, because people wear a mask habits, the abstract cover has become a bit difficult, fear "new crown" evil forces will be frozen, even if they go out, we must wear a mask.

In fact, wearing a mask run for the body, may be less friendly.

We all know that running is an aerobic exercise. When running, because the body's demand for oxygen will become large, people will become breathing. If you wear a hood, your breathing will be resistant, the oxygen supply in the body is insufficient, which is prone to hypoxia diligeration, increase the risk of exercise. In particular, those who have a poor cardiopulmonary function is poor, and it is easier to do with a mask.

However, if you think that the cardiopulmonary function is better, and you want to go out, you can do a good job in running.

1. Go to the place where the empty people go.

In the "Guidelines" released by the State Council in March, it is possible to gather in the ordinary public, home, outdoor, no personnel, and have a good ventilation. Therefore, from the literal mean, you want to run outside, it is best to choose a small person, a good ventilation, these places don't wear masks can also run.

2, wear ordinary medical mask

Of course, running to an empty place does not mean that it can be wandered. If there are too many people in sports, Xiaobian suggestions still wear a shield, but the mask should pay attention to the choice of ordinary medical masks.

3, reduce running intensity

The breathing will be affected by a certain extent. People will feel difficulties in breathing, feeling feeling, it is recommended to run in the intensity of running, mainly engaged, running time is not too long.

For special periods, everyone should pay attention to exercise while preventing viruses, but if there is conditional, it is best to exercise at home, try to go out.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!