What are the outdoor fitness equipment?

It is said that the fitness equipment believes that most people will think of the gym. These equipment in the gym can be said to be indoor fitness equipment. In fact, some equipment belongs to outdoor, while the most common fitness equipment outdoor is in our There is such a facility in the community, then what are the outdoor fitness equipment?

What are the outdoor fitness equipment?

There is also a lot of outdoor fitness equipment in our lives, such as double walking machine, has a good enhancement of people's lower extremity activity, so that our hip flexibility has improved, while exercising in front of exercise Skin hand, the body should pay attention to keep balance, the two footsteps are in the pedal below, the two legs present the regular front and rear swings, pay attention to the bottom of the pedal, and the child is playing while playing. Note, don't extend your fingers inside.

There is also a shoulder segmental rehabilitator, which has good exercise for the flexibility of the upper limb joint, and flexibility and the three yin meridians, so that the function of the digestive system, cardiocettes is effective. Enhanced, can be more powerful to pull the hand meridians, and both hands hold the handle on the wheel, rotate inwards or outward.

There is also three twisting waves, which have a good improvement in the muscle strength of the waist and abdomen, making the lumbar vertebrae and the flexibility of the hip joint, which is conducive to bodybuilding, standing or sitting on the turntable, on the top of the turntable Move, it has played through the active effect and promotes the smooth role of qi and blood. There is also a strong lumbar and kidney. It is very suitable for abdominal exercise disorders and vitro kidney email.

What are the outdoor fitness equipment? For outdoor fitness equipment, it is also common in our lives. In general, there will be such a facility in the community, of course, different equipment will have different roles, such as double walk machines, Shoulder knot recruptory, etc., have introduced above, I hope I can help everyone.

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