What are the symptoms of running knees?

There are some understanding of people who like to exercise, mainly when running, etc. The road to walk is also difficult to complete, then what are the symptoms of running knees?

What are the symptoms of running knees?

The symptoms of running knees are very much, but different situations will have different symptoms, but as long as there is a running knees, the symptoms of pain will appear. If it is a tibial tunlet syndrome, in general, In the course of the long run or after running, it is mainly due to excessive friction of the iliac cell and the femur, causing ligaments or kernel inflammation, such patients will have swelling and pain. Symptom performance. If it is a tibial pain or an outer tibia, it is in front of the femoral backbone or in the inside of the calf, there are many reasons, the most common is caused by chronic inflammation in the peripheral of the tibia.

If it is conjospiritis, it is generally because the calf iliac muscles and Christus tendon have been caused by excessive pressure. After running, the calf belly or the foot followed slight pain symptoms. In addition, there is a footprint inflammation. The pain symptoms in this case are very obvious. The reason is mainly in the process of excessive weight, walking or running, the foot muscle has been greatly impacted, leading to local Muscle strains have caused local footprint inflammation. When walking, the symptoms of pain will be aggravated, and the pain points are very close to the foot.

What are the symptoms of the knee? This is a question that everyone is very concerned about. It is common for people who like sports. It is very common. Once there is a running knees, there will be painful symptoms, but also Divided into many cases, there is a detailed introduction, I hope I can help everyone.

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