After exercise, it is muscle soreness.

Want to have a good body, everyday exercise is essential. How will it work after exercise? Is the body becomes better? No, you will first understand the muscle soreness. Whenever I work hard, I will continue to hind the muscular pain, so many people feel alcohol! So why do you have this phenomenon? Today, let's take a look.

Does exercise do muscle soreness?

In medicine, muscle soreness generated within 24 to 72 hours after fitness is called "delayed muscle soreness", and the English is abbreviated as DOMS. It is generally appeared on the second day after exercise, reaching peaks 2-3 days, sometimes for 5-7 days or longer.

In general, muscle soreness after exercise has a large amount of mesenter. When the lactic acid produced by the human body is greater than the lactic acid consumed by the human body, the lactic acid will hinder blood circulation, resulting in muscle soreness.

In addition, muscle soreness may also cause a small amount of tear due to exercise strength over muscle fibers or soft tissue, resulting in a long time of muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness, can you continue to exercise?

When the body has a pain, especially the part of exercise, it is not recommended to exercise the exercise. Suitable rest, gives the muscles of the muscles, which is beneficial to the rest and recovery of muscles. If you can't help but want to exercise, it is recommended to perform aerobic exercise. Making aerobic exercises can have a degree of lactic acid to decompose lactic acid, while reducing muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness is so sour, no way to prevent it? Also don't say, there is a way to prevent muscle soreness.

How to prevent muscle soreness?

Exercise is gradually progressive

At present, the best way to reduce muscle soreness is to step by step, so that the body muscles are slowly adapted, weaken severe delayed muscle soreness. However, it is almost impossible to avoid delayed muscle soreness.

Do your warm-up

Before exercising, proper warm-up is beneficial for muscles.

Avoid over-exercise

Excessive exercise may cause muscle soreness and exercise damage, and exercise needs moderate.

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