Is 200 grams of chicken breasts in fitness a day?A muscular or chicken

Many people choose a muscles, muscles increase, and new metabolism will also be enhanced, but they will help the body to shape, knowing that chicken breast is very good food, then what is the most suitable for the increase in muscle?

Fitness a day 200 grams of chicken chest flesh?

It is enough, but specifically, it is necessary to specify the amount of eating, plus a lot of vegetables is a balanced nutrition, and the general muscles need 1.5 g / kg of protein.How much every day depends on your weight, 100g chicken chest contains 19.4 g of protein, and 2G protein is added daily per kilogram of weight.After accounting, 10 g of chicken chest is 10g per kilogram of weight.

Chicken breast is a good food. It is very good to eat. It is very good. The protein content of chicken breast is about 30%, and the half pound of chicken is 250g. For this, the half pound chicken is 75 g of protein.For people of a muscle, 1 pounds have at least 1G protein, if you are 150 pounds, then you need to take 150g of protein every day, muscles can grow.

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