Too much exercise, what kind of serious consequences are there too fast?

Every 365.25 days, when the earth is running around the sun, human beings have the opportunity to press the reset button, become healthier, more perfect, and usually, social media is full of better diet, regular exercise and keeping Health suggestions, every year, we will feel that they are invincible and vibrant, and we will also want to free from past indulgence and lazy.

The new year is also our excessive enthusiasm. When we appear, we will do too much exercise in a short time to make up for the lost time. The exhaustive muscle work, especially after a period of time, can cause mechanical and chemical damage of the muscle cell membrane, resulting in cracking of muscle cells. The author is a sports students and sports medical experts. Its main research movement related body "collapse" situation, he sees and hear more and more skeletal muscle ruptures, this will cause harm to the other parts of the body.

These information is not used to scare people to return to the sofa. It emphasizes that the key to these cases is to remind athletes, coaches and ordinary people. The ideal physiological response to training stimuli requires both a gradually accumulated process, and needs training. There is a recovery period.

Not only muscle damage

Medical terms of skeletal muscle cell rupture are rhabdomyolysis. When muscle cells are ruptured, the substances within the cells are released into the blood, including enzymes (such as creatine kinase), electrolytes (such as potassium) and Proteins (such as myoglobin). Especially myoglobin, which is a larger red protein, which can block the kidney filtration system, which can also decompose to toxic by-products that damage the health of the kidney; in a very small number of cases, excessive muscles in the blood The red protein will completely block the function of the kidney, such as a 27-year-old marathon athlete died of kidney failure.

In a study of the university swimmer, the researchers observed a series of cross-ribbed muscle solubility, and 6 of whom have six individuals who participated in approximately 20 minutes, after the hospital, the competition It is observing how many bodies can accommodate, rowing and bedding, etc.; "symptoms of striped myopathy" or cases need to be treated in the university sports team increased in amazing speed, football players after the holiday in the end of a season This typical phenomenon has occurred in the training in January.

Non-competitive athletes will also be affected

So, how do these Vangex work hard to restore your body? Any new or excessive physical activity can cause symptoms of horizontal muscles. Excessive gardening, weightlifting, integrated fitness activities, even conventional military physical fitness testing, will cause symptoms of kidney injury. There are currently more than 90 cases have been recorded, and 119 high school students in Taiwan require them to complete 120 push-ups within 5 minutes, and they are finally sent to emergency room; therefore, in any extent of 5 minutes - After 36 minutes of abundant or unhealry sports, the body may have harmful muscle cell rupture.

For integrated, progressive training and appropriate recovery can make beneficial muscles, cardiovascular, and body compositions, such as enhance muscle, enhance physical fitness and reducing body fat. The results show that the muscle cell membrane should be fully adapted to the training pressure, and it is necessary to gradually enter the training within two weeks after the layoff. Muscle injury of subclinical striped muscle damage, or no acute renal injury or aging symptoms is common, and is a typical reaction for training that does not require drug treatment. However, vigorous exercise (especially after the layoff) If the following symptoms or signs occur within one or two days, the appropriate medical examination is required: 1) Dramous muscle pain, can not be relieved over time; 2) Muscle swelling, Activity restricted; 3) malignity and / or vomiting; 4) The urine is sparse.

Some risk factors can increase the possibility of movement of the horizontal muscles, including high temperature exercise, dehydration or hydration, alcohol, excessive drinking coffee, extreme eating habits (vegetarian or high protein) and sickle cell characteristics. Male and women will have symptoms of horizontal atrophy, although we have seen more cases in men. After 5-30 minutes after exercise, the smaller arm muscles seem to be more likely to break, and the researchers are not clear.

Although symptoms are not common, since the case is increasing, the emergency complications of this movement should cause attention to everyone; coaches, trainers, scientists, people and others encourage everyone to enjoy regular regularities. The fun and benefits of exercise, however, the researchers warned people to do too much exercise in premature, and the skeletal muscle cells caused by self-exercise are completely preventable, so we need to adhere to intelligence and sound rationality in daily life. Training method.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!