Daily golden chicken is independent, the practice is not only equilibrium: a few benefits, the body will let you know

In the past, most of the elderly people healthy, mostly with a walk, Taijiquan, eight paragraphs.

But over time, the old way to health is getting more and more "wild": hit the trees, whisper, a group of people together Yang Tian Yang Long "laugh" ... I don't know, I thought it They are practicing any peerless "martial arts".

The wrong way of health is not only no benefit to the body, but it will also bring certain damage.

Take the old man "whip to exercise" this health movement, many people think that this movement has a certain benefit to the cervical spine. However, Chen Xiaohui, the emergency department of the first hospital of Xiamen University, said that the elasticity of the elderly itself is poor, the joint activity is small, plus osteoporosis, more should not choose a smashing, etc. Exercise.

It can be seen that chooses a key to health care, it is a key to opening a scientific health road!

What kind of health movements are both simple and helpful to the body?

"Pulmonary" like health posture - sitting in the leg

When the elderly choose sitting, you can choose the legs, because the older people's heart and lung function are generally weak, and many elderly people often feel that breathing is not very smooth, and the legs can sit well to solve this problem.

According to the introduction of "Family Medicine" journals: Tray legs can increase the blood circulation of the upper body, especially chest and brain. In addition, the legs can also close the distance of the lower extremities and the heart, reducing the case of the lower extremity edema due to the sedentary sedentary, thereby achieving the effect of health.

Regular leg sitting can also prevent and alleviate the pain, there is a certain improvement in the flexibility of the legs, ankle, hip and other parts of the elderly.

The sitting position sitting in the leg is very simple. The two legs are bent, and the left legs are in the right leg joint. The body is pushed forward, and I started to practice in ten minutes. I gradually increased.

The legs are sitting in a very simple health movement, but not everyone is suitable for sitting on the legs.

The joint injury or the joint of the joint is not suitable for sitting on the legs. Otherwise, the legs sit will continue to rub the knee, increase the pain of the joint, and for those who are damaged, the leg sitting will further damage the joint.

The effect of long-term leg sitting on the knee is also affected. The knee is in the state of the leg, under the action of gravity, the knee needs to withstand all the weight of the upper body, the inside of the knee joint is extruded, the outer side is pulled, resulting in uneven internal and external strength, long-term, knee joint It will be affected.

It can be seen that if the leg is too long or the force is wrong, the impact on the knee will be larger.

So, while ensuring the correct legs, you should always pay attention to the changes in the body in the process of sitting on the legs, only this is the effect of health.

In addition, "Golden Chicken Independence" is also health efficacy.

When practicing Jin Chicken is independent, you can concentrate the idea, lead the blood in the body to the foot, can exercise itself, and can effectively prevent the elderly dementia and play the role of health.

In addition, the golden chicken can also be effectively exercise independently, can alleviate the adverse effects of long-term sedentary.

The independence of Jinji is also very simple. It only needs to lift any feet, the foot tip is down, close to the god, and the hands are naturally vertical, after a period of time, change the other side. The time can be gradually extended according to the personal situation, during the way to practice, the legs, swelling, and hemp is normal.

However, if there is a knee pain, it should reduce the time or stop, and you can shoot your knees when you end.

It is worth noting that a child who is not suitable for this health care for 70 years old or more than the unstable old man.

Health is a topic of contemporary people. It is also a matter of persisting. In addition to choosing to choose health movements, balanced diet, keep a pleasant mood, sufficient sleep, etc., is critical to health. Especially correctly, it is very important!


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