22.82 meters!The new record of the lead ball is born!How can I throw the lead?

In the early morning of January 25, a new track and field industry record was born. Olympic champion, the US Shots of the US Shots Cruisha held in the US Athletics League Series held by Fayetville, USA, broke the 22.66-meter-world world of compatriots Created by Randy Barnes. Record.

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Throwing ball is one of my country's large-scale school sports, it can exercise the upper limb shoulder ligament, the development of strength and coordination, how can you throw the lead ball? In fact, throwing lead ball also requires power. Today, how to do this can practice the strength of throwing the ball.

Throwing lead ball how to practice power

1, dumbbell exercise

The two feet are open, and the two hands have a dumbbell on the shoulder and will continue to quickly and quickly.

Open before and after the feet, the two hands of the arm held dumbbells before the chest, and quickly quickly rancide above.

Naturally standing, both hands holding dumbbells, and open the chest to both sides.

Open before and after the two feet, the two hands were in front of the head, and the front is turned over.

Open before and after the feet, the right hand held dumbbells to introduce "full bow" exercises.

The two feet are open, and the two hands holding dumbbells on the body side, the right arm is pulled up, and the upper body is inserted to the left and left.

2, solid ball practice

After two feet, open it into a half, two hands holding the ball in the chest, the elbow lifted a little lower than the shoulder, and launched the ball forward, and the fingers were tapped when the finger was introduced. It is necessary to force the ground, the upper body stretch, on the upper body, and the lower limbs should be coordinated.

Open left and right, two knee, the right hand holds the ball on the right shoulder, left hand and the ball, the two legs are introduced to the front. It mainly considers the force of the lower limbs.

The heart ball is demonstrated with the original side of the lead.

The two feet are open to half, and the two hands are in front of the ball, and then throw the ball upwards. When the ball is thrown, the two legs use force to pull up, and the upper body is lifted, and the arm is stretched on the arm.

Open before and after the feet, the body is focused on the hind leg, the knee is slight, and the two hands are brought to the head, the upper body is flexed as much as possible, then force the ball from the head.

Throw the lead ball

1. The correct placement of the lead ball is above the inner end of the clavicle, close to the neck. When shooting, the angle should be kept between 35 ° ~ 45 °, and the head is looking up.

2, the correct action of the ball is that the five fingers are naturally separated, put the ball in the index finger, middle finger, and no name finger. Thumb and thumb are attached to both sides of the ball.

3, there is a movement of the top elbow when shooting, and pay attention to the elbow, you can't put it down.

4, right hand as an example, thumb and small finger card on both sides of the ball, the ball is on the index finger and middle finger, the palm is best suspended, the left side of the body is in the direction, the two feet are naturally opened, the shoulder width, put the ball Between the right clavicle and the lower jaw, pay attention to the big arm to be lifted, the right arm elbow joint and shoulders are on a straight line, the body is moving toward the right front, falling on the right leg, the knee is naturally curved, the left arm is naturally lifted When shooting, the right angel, the hand is very chest, the center of gravity is over-left, the right leg is active, and the center is back to the right leg. The body is surpassing the equipment, pay attention to the order of force, the foot to the hand, the whole body It is not just the power of the arm, and the instant index finger and the middle finger are tapped (bomb), the perspective is high, and there is a high degree after the shot, the speed is fast, that is to say there is a good initial speed.

5, throwing lead does not only practice upper limbs, it is very important, especially the waist, the waist force is the foundation of many sports, the barbell and other equipment training are best, with some freehand exercises, such as push-ups, squatting Jumping, etc. A series of athletics basic quality exercises, while paying attention to a good preparation activity to avoid motion damage.

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