Jin Xiuxian abdominal muscles, strong!How does the men have 8 abdominal muscles?

Recently, Jin Xiuxian Xiu's abdominal muscles cause the girl's scream, perfect eight abdominal muscles! Strong! ! Looking at Jin Xiuxian Qi Qi eight abdominal muscles, saying that men gods are getting more and more young and old?

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We want to practice the abdominal muscles, we should first understand the effect of the abdominal muscle. The abdominal muscles include abdominal muscles, abdominal epicps, intraperitoneal muscles and abdominal muscles. When they shrink, the torso can be bent and rotate, and it can prevent the pelvis. Abdominal muscles have a considerable role in the activity and stability of lumbar vertebrae, and can also control the activity of pelvic and spine. Soft weak abdominal muscles may result in an increase in pelvic pelvic and lumbar physiology and increase the chance of back pain.

Let's compare 5 abdominal muscles exercise actions to see which one can strengthen the abdominal muscles more effectively.

Air boarding:

On the floor on the floor, the lower back is close to the ground. The hands are placed on the head side, the arms open. Lift the legs and slowly carry out the action of the bicycle. Express, lift the upper body, touch the left knees with the right elbow joint, keep the posture for 2 seconds, then restore. Touch the right knee with the left elbow joint, and then keep it 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting posture.

Fitness ball roll belly:

Ping lying on the fitness ball, on the floor, put your hands on the head, the arm opens. The next 颏 收 微,, 上 度 度In order to maintain a balance, both feet can be made more. If you increase the difficulty, you can do your feet up.

Lift your leg sticks:

On the floor on the floor, the lower back is close to the ground. The hands are placed on the head side, the arms open. The legs are lifted with upper body 90 degrees, and the legs intersect, the knee is finely flexed. Exhale, shrink the abdomen muscles, lift the upper body, the lower back can not be blocked, keep it 2 seconds, then slowly return to the start posture. Be careful to keep under the chest.

Reverse lines:

On the floor, the lower back is close to the ground, and the hands are put on the side of the body, and the legs lifts with upper body 90 degrees, the legs are cross, the knee is slightly flexed. Tighten the abdomen muscles, then exhale slightly lift your hips, the lower back is slightly separated, keeping 2 seconds, then slowly returning to the starting posture.

Traditional roll belly:

On the floor on the floor, the lower back is close to the ground. The hands are placed on the head side, the arms open. The legs are flat on the ground and bend their knees. The next 颏 颏 上 上 上 起 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离 离

Is the abdominal muscle be equal to health about the abdominal muscles?

Misunderstanding 1: Clear abdominal muscles must be healthy

In fact, a person has a clear abdominal muscle does not represent him very healthy, which can only show that his subcutaneous fat is low. Especially for women, most healthy girls have a body fat ratio between 20% to 30%, which is difficult to see clear and obvious abdominal muscles in this interval. If you further reduce the lipid ratio for the abdominal contour, it will easily show various endocrine issues such as menstrual disorders, and may increase the anxiety emotions of people, resulting in a lot of psychological problems, generally is not healthy. so. Moderation is very good, deliberately pursue abdominal muscles, it is easy to lose health.

Misunderstanding 2: I want to see the abdominal muscles, only the abdomen is enough.

Many people think that practicing the immediate sit-ups every day, I can see the abdominal muscles for a while. But few people finally achieve this wish, not they are not working hard, but because the appearance of the abdominal contour is not just a special training for the abdomen, but more importantly, it controls the fat content of its own skin. A very high trainer, no matter how many times, it is trained, and the sebum does not reduce the abdominal muscles. So if your goal is to practice clear and beautiful abdominal muscles, then I suggest you to train the eating habits, change the habit of eating junk food (fried chicken, sweet, etc.), in the usual three meals Reduce the intake of staple food. At the same time, it must be self-discipline in terms of training and keep it 3 to 4 times a week.

Misunderstanding 3: Training can correct the abdominal muscle asymmetry, 6 abdominal muscles can be practiced into 8 abdominal muscles

This idea is incorrect, in fact, most people have eight abdominal muscles, but some people can only see 6 pieces. One situation is that the body is high, and the position of the lower day tendon is very close. The following two abdominal muscles were covered by fat, giving six abdominal muscles. This is the weight of 8 abdominal muscles by damaging the fat. The other two is that the position of the first tendon is too bonded, resulting in the top two muscle belly to be covered by the chest large muscle. The above two cases belong to 8 abdominal muscles, but they can only see 6 pieces.

Misunderstanding 4: The use of abdominal muscles is good looking.

In addition to good looking, abdominal muscles have the following functions:

1. Protect the lumbar and abdominal organs to maintain the normal waist back curve of the human body. Low back pain has become the biggest health problem that most office workers encountered in their daily lives. The surface of the long spring pain is due to the abdominal muscle weakness due to the abdominal muscle group, which is the result of weakness of the abdominal muscles. So practice the abdominal muscle can also protect the lumbar vertebrae!

2. Help the body remain stable. Tightening the belly muscles during the exercise process, the premise of the torso maintains stability, not only makes sufficient effort, improve the performance, and reduces the risk of injury.

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