What sports Bluetooth headset is easy to use, outdoor sports headphones recommended

Life is inseparable from music, even if there are many friends, there are also many friends who are used to listening to music. For sports headphones, you can teach everyone to choose a choice. The headphones should be comfortable as much as possible, for comfort and higher It is recommended to use an open true wireless Bluetooth headset or bone conductor headset. Headphones Waterproof Performance Try to choose IPX5 or more, waterproof performance also represents anti-sweat ability. When we exercise, we will sweat. Friends with great sweat must be selected to choose a higher waterproof level. Below I will recommend a few more sports headphones that are currently more good.

1, South Car Runner Pro3 bone conduction sports headphones

NANK South Card Bone Transmission Headset, because you don't want to make a way of endorsement, you may have fewer you can see it outside, but the sports circle is very hot, the South Cascade Passage Headset has obtained countless brand strength Praise, I have recommended it. I have used sports headphones, and there are dozens of accumulated, this runner pro3 is my current use of the best sports headphones, and is also a product that is now necessary.

In terms of the configuration, South Car Runner Pro3 has built-in 16G body memory, supports IPX8 waterproof, and Bluetooth 5.2, as a core technology of Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth 5.2 has a good improvement in the functional experience of the product, delay Lower, more anti-interference ability, can reduce the 87% Bluetooth drop-off condition.

2, Philips bone conduction headset A8606

Philips seems to be a TWS true wireless headset, but in fact, through bone passing, it is very different from the traditional neck-type bone-tongue earphones. The charging box is designed with a leather bag, and it is like a purse in his hand and a good texture. The zipper design is used, and the inside of the charging box is just caught in two headphones. The earphones still retains the Philips unique night running light function, and this headset is a bit slightly large, it looks a bit like an old hearing aid. The sound is large, because this wear can be closer to the ear.

3, FIL T1Lite sports headphones

In addition to pricing, this headset has ultra-low delay, IPX7 waterproof, Bluetooth 5.2, 32 hours of battery life. The headset can listen to songs for 7 hours in the case of single full charge, plus additional charging provided by the charging box, and can achieve a 32-hour life experience. There is no fancy function, mediocrity appearance, but in experience, it can be considered a performance small steel gun. The exercise wear is still stable, mainly his charging warehouse is small, which is more convenient to carry.

4, South Car Runner CC2 bone conduction sports headphones

South Card Runner CC 2 is an entry-level product in Nank South Card, and this flat-price model is equally equally configured with the equivalent configured magnetic charging. It supports IPX6 level on the waterproof level, and the exercise is not afraid of sweating. Thanks to the ostealed wearing method and the ultra-light body of this headset, wearing super solid, even if the jump rope does not matter, the flagship in the bone conduction!

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