Little cold!The cold is not forgotten

On January 5th is "Xiaoyan"

Xiaohan means that the weather is very cold

But it is not the coldest in the year.

Under the low temperature

Many people like their nest in the room

Not willing to exercise

But the right amount of exercise is still required

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Why is Xiao Han to fit?

There are many proverbs and winter fitness. For example, "Winter moves, there is a disease; the winter is lazy, drink a bowl" "Sanjo, one winter, there is no pain," these proverbs The importance and necessity of winter sports. After the small cold, the most cold "three" days is coming, it is the most cold climate in the year. At this point, it is a good time to strengthen physical exercise and improve your physical quality.

What should I pay attention to Xiao Han Fitness?

The first is the time of fitness. Winter should be late early, so it is best to start exercising when the temperature is slightly higher after sunrise. In the morning, there is a wind, big mist, cold air air, should not perform open-air exercise, can work out on the indoor or balcony.

Second, preparation activities are also important. Due to the cold, the blood vessels of the body surface are cold, the blood flow is slow, the viscosity of the muscles is increased, the flexibility of the ligament is reduced. So before exercising, you should make a good warmth. Preparation activities are made to avoid exercise injury during exercise. Warm preparation activities can be a set of radio gynecases, taking hands and feet muscles, wiping, jogging, etc.

Third, pay attention to keep warm during exercise. When you exercise, your clothes should not wear thick, wear suitable sportswear, pay attention to cold and warm, and then take off thick trousers after you have prepared. After exercising, add clothes in time, pay attention to keep warm.

Finally, there is a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, arthritis, care about the preparation activities, try to avoid exercise in a low temperature, wet cooling environment, during exercise, should stop immediately Sports or go to the hospital for examination. It is not advisable to breathe in the outdoor movement, so as not to swallow the cold air into the gastrointestinal tract, while avoiding exercise in the wind, big cold, heavy snow and morning fog.

How to fit in a small cold?

In this dry day, it is advised to exercise, such as skiing, jogging, jumping, kicking, etc. This run is an economical, light and useful fitness behavior.

1. Warm up before running. Are you running directly from the venue? This is not the right running method. For some people who are not very good, when you ran to tired, fat may not start burning. Therefore, if you want to effectively run weight loss, it is recommended to make some stretching exercise or relaxation before running, so that the human body enters the movement, first consuming a part of the glycogen and then start running. Thus, when the fat enters the combustion, it will be shortened, and the combustion effect will also be greatly improved.

2. Select running shoes before running. A suitable running shoes will make running more smoothly. Experts recommend running, you can choose to completely bond your foot-absorber running shoes, reduce the vibration of running on joints and brains, and play down. In particular, people with more weight are more need to pick a pair of good shoes to run.

3. The best time to run. Running can be carried out anytime, anywhere, but it is not suitable for running in some cases. Running can't be carried out in an empty stomach. Empty stomach is unfavorable, the best time is 2 to 3 hours after meals. If running in the morning, it is recommended to drink some sporty beverages that help the supplementation of physical strength 30 minutes in advance.

4. How long does it take to run? Many people are running according to their own states. Just starting to run the time to 20 minutes, and add time after adaptation. Because running is an aerobic movement. Therefore, at least 20 minutes must be exercised to make the body combust to fat.

5. How many times a week? Many people have vowed to say a day when they have developed their plans. Such goals often don't stick to work due to busy work. Run can actually 2 to 3 times a week. Running on the joint is relatively large, if the number of times will cause joint fatigue, and it will also form a pressure in mind.

6. Drink juice after running. After running, you need to add a lot of moisture. Some people choose boiled water, and some choose sports drinks. In fact, these two methods are incorrect. Experts suggest that you can drink some juice after running. This can not only replenish the lost moisture, but also supplement vitamins and minerals, relieve muscle pain.

Winter Don't stay in home

Choose a warm winter day

Go to the outskirts ~

Source: Shanghai Sports School Graphic Information, CCTV Sports

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