Children's body is ideal training - cultivate children's sports habits and sports hobbies

With the release of the national high school entrance examination policy, the improvement of the test content and method of the test, the weight of sports score is already a consensus. But in the middle school stage, many students face academic pressure and sports, sometimes difficult to balance in time and energy. This also makes many parents and students to recognize the importance of small training habits and exercise literacy. Experts say that cultivating children's sports habits and sports hobbies should be early, and it is best to start from the childhood.

First, what is children's body for performance training

Substantial consumption is the training of the human body system, raising, running, jumping, casting, climbing, climbing, and jumping. Survey training of children and children has their systematic characteristics, that is, the integrity and comprehensiveness of training.

1, help to promote health and enhance physical fitness

Children's body can practice to prevent diseases, and children have gradually experienced the stimuli of external environmental changes. When natural factors have changed, the child's body will automatically adjust, maintain balance with the outside world, so that children are not easy to get sick.

2, conducive to development intelligence

With the continuous implementation of our country's basic education reform, more and more parents have begun to pay attention to students' moral education education, and more and more people recognize moral education.

Often participation in children's body can make children's memory, observe, attention, thinking and imagination, further improving activities and learning efficiency, and simultaneously obtain a good emotional experience through children's body. More optimistic, confident, energy is more energetic, and brain cell response will be faster and faster, thereby promoting the development of children's intelligence.

3, help children grow high and lose weight

The child can grow high due to the growth of the whole body, and the child's body can improve the blood circulation, allowing bone tissue to get more nutrients. Due to the need for oxygen supply, the brain should be excited to secrete a large amount of growth hormone.

Second, the tips of cultivating sports habits

Let your child have a healthy vibrant body and future, parents need to master the following skills.

1, stay away from mobile TV

A study found that if the parents got to watch TV every day, the probability of a 6-year-old little girl watched TV more than 4 hours a day would increase 3.5 times, and the child's time will be more long. Today, mobile phones have replaced TV, becoming electronic products for many people's longest contact time, and many children are also hug mobile phones by parents, rarely exercise. Therefore, the parents have to take the lead and stay away from mobile TV.

2, full of sports fun

When cultivating adolescents, don't consider too many rules. If you strict training according to sports rules, children will lose interest soon. Therefore, as long as the children are interested in some exercise, they don't bind them, let the children get happiness from sports, so that you can keep your interested interest.

3, don't rely on school

Although the school will arrange sports lessons and inter-class exercises, these time is not enough to allow young people to guarantee enough exercise, not to mention physical education, often occupied. Therefore, in addition to learning, parents should lead their children to exercise, and the amount of exercise per day is at least 30 minutes to 1 hour.

4, don't compare

The psychology of young people is sensitive and fragile, so don't take "children of others" and their children. Appropriate encouragement, there is no result of the results, as long as they move, participate in sports, it is very good.

And the meaning of sports is not only to let children master a sports skills, but more importantly in the child's personality education. In sports, the child's teamwork, perseverance, advocating honor, and compliance with rules can get very good education. Education of this personality will benefit your child a lifetime.

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