Which is good at exercise?Recommended bone conduction sports headphones

For sports enthusiasts, in duplicate exercise, the exercise process listening to music will undoubtedly make themselves more pleasant.

What kind of headphones are more suitable for exercise? The bone pass-by-headset is undoubtedly a product designed specifically for sports. It is easy to wear, comfortable, and open-sounding design. It can always maintain feedback from the outside environment. So, which bone conductor earphone is most worthy of starting, now I recommend several people.

First, South Car Runner Pro3 bone passage headset

Recommended reason:

South Card Runner Pro3 is the bone pass-by-headset I strongly recommended, because NANK South Card is a bone conductor brand that has been certified by Dingli Doctor Team.

In terms of bone conduction earphone leakage, South Car OT closed leakage leakage 3.0 technology has been adopted from the South Card to release leakage technology. It has received the unanimous praise from the user. of.

South Card Runner Pro3 is also particularly comfortable in the wear experience, because the full-machine appearance material is high-tech low silicilic silicone material, plus ergonomic aid design in accordance with the Asian human ear structure, so that users can wear it for a long time Will not bring any burden to your ear.

In terms of signal transmission, South Card Runner Pro3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 decoding protocol, with AF full shock point-to-pending vibrators, improves the transmission efficiency of sound, so it has been a huge upgrade single charging in the contingent to do 10 hours. During life, there is a bone conductor headset in the longest flight time in the bone passage headset.

Second, the priest AS800 bone passage headset

Recommended reason:

The outer surface of the Bluetooth AS800 bone passed the Bluetooth headset is silicone material, the hand feels very delicate, the headphones are smooth, soft, skin. The fixed ring inside the headphones body is titanium alloy material, flexible, and bending stretching is not deformed. The Bluetooth chip used by the priest AS800 bone passage headset is Qualcomm QCC3024 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and the connection speed of smartphones is very fast. Open the mobile phone Bluetooth Bluetooth signal to find soon discovery, the Bluetooth signal is also very stable. The priest AS800 also has waterproof certification IP67 level.

Third, Philips A6606 bone passage headset

Recommended reason:

Philips A6606's titanium alloy is hanging frame. The frame is tightly pinned, we wear stunning during the running exercise, there is no shift phenomenon, but also does not collapse, and there is no burden on the exercise. A magnetic suspension ring iron coupling vibrator unit with a diameter of 15 mm, and the sound field is relatively open. Lipp A6606 also joined the night running lamp design on the headphones, helping the wearer to solve the problem of sports safety in the dim environment. This light can also adjust the flicker frequency by pressing the buttons or dedicated APP, very humanized. Philips A6606 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the wireless range is 10 meters long, the power consumption is low, and the connection speed is more secure and safe and stable.

Fourth, South Car Runner CC2 bone passage headset

Recommended reason:

The South Car Runner CC2 is quite competitive in the bone passage headset of the same price in the same price. When the earphone is worn for a long time, there is no discomfort, and it will not have a sense of pressure to the user, it is very close to the user's pursuit of no incess.

A new combination of Bluetooth 5.0+ ceramic antenna + signal enhancement makes the Bluetooth connection more stable. Food level skin-friendly silica gel also makes more comfortable touch. Waterproof performance is further improved, and it comes to the level of IPX6.

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