How to make your upper arm muscles stronger?You can try these methods!

No matter which season, we have a shaping of the body is a target that is worth pursuing, and the three muscles are the target muscles to create our smooth appearance, adjust these muscles is a challenge, but "triceps" and this Changes in key force training actions constitute the core of effective training.

When performing basic humeria muscle stretching, we can lying on the mat, bending the knees, keeping the hips to keep the same width, or lying on a lifting bench, feet flat on the floor. We can use both hands to hold the two ends of the dumbbell or the handle of the ball, raise the arm straight to the ceiling, start training in this posture, keep the upper arm does not move, bend the elbow, pull the weight forward until the arm 90 degrees, control, then straighten the arm, keep repeating.

For the first change, we should take a dumbbell from the same starting position; the arm keeps vertical to the ceiling, palm, the same, only move the forearm, bending elbow, until the arm and forearm 90 The intension; we can constantly control the straight arm, let go again to turn your wrist, when we put down the forearck, you need to keep your palms are facing us, then straighten the arm, continue to reverse the position of the wrist.

For the second change, start from the same starting position, each of the two hands take a dumbbell, the arms are vertical to the ceiling, similarly, only the forearm, bending elbow, place the weight on both sides of the head On the floor, avoid moving shoulders, straighten the arm, and return to the beginning.

For each exercise or exercise, the goal is three groups, up to 15 times each group; start training from one weight, 8 times in each group, maintain a good body state; once the muscles begin to complete each group 15 training And increasing exercise load.

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