Central South University 2022 sports training special enrollment guide

According to the State Sports General Administration, the provisions and requirements of the Admissions Management of Martial Arts and National Traditional Sports Majors in 2022 (Sports [2021] 222), in 2022, our school's sports training majors (including assassination athletes) It is a single enroll in the country. The specific method is announced as follows:

First, enrollment plan

Admissions plan ≤ 50 (free of keeping athletes). Among them: swimming (male) ≤6 people, swimming (female) ≤5 people, football (male) non-late door ≤25 people, football (male) goalkeeper ≤ 3 people, badminton (male) ≤6, badminton (female) ≤ 5-people.

Second, registration conditions

1. Comply with the registration conditions for the admissions examination examinations in the 2022 colleges and universities.

2. Participate in the registered college entrance examination organization organization organization organized by the Source Provincial Admissions Examination Institution.

3. Candidates who apply for swimming and football items must be obtained by national first-level athletes (including), and candidates who apply for badminton projects must obtain technical grade titles of national secondary athletes (including), and they must have the motion level. Certificate is consistent (the technical level of the candidate athlete is based on the data information issued by the State Sports General Administration Technology Rating).

4. Provisions in the Guidance Opinion of the Admissions Work of Ordinary Colleges and Quality Examination in the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, China Disabled Persons' Association.

Third, the registration process

Candidates have registered and registered through the "China's Sports Culture Education Network" (www.ydyeducation.com) or "Sports Alliance APP".

Registration time is 12:00 to March 7, 2022 12:00

Registration time is 12:00 to March 10, 2022 12:00

Fourth, admission method

1. According to the State Sports General Administration, the Ministry of Education's college student division "2022 ordinary college sports training, martial arts management measures", "China's Sports Culture Education Network" sports training professional enrollment admission system online Complete your admission procedures.

2. Professional grades and cultural results minimum admission line: Our school sports training professional sports special test score admission control line is not less than 60 points, and the cultural score admission control line is not less than 180 points. Candidates with leveling athlete levels, their cultural scores can be less than 30 points of our school's cultural scores; candidates with sports and health, and their cultural scores can be less than 50 points for the cultural score of our school.

3. Based on the minimum admission control score of professional results and cultural scores, 30% of the cultural scores of candidates accounted for 70% of the special test scores of 30%. Our school is based on the project enrollment plan, according to the college volunteers filled with candidates, as a result of high to low choice according to the complex. Under the same conditions, in turn, according to the technical level and sports special test results in sports.

4. If the first volunteer part of the project plan is not completed, our school is unified to adjust the remaining quota, reaching the minimum admission control score of our school, and select the remaining quota in sequence from high to low order (no item) by integrated.

5. If the first volunteer is adjusted, the second volunteer is recorded if the plan is not completed.

6. The admission result is publicized in the "Central South University Admissions Online" website.

V. Press the athlete

1. Admissions plan ≤ 21 people. Among them: football (male) ≤ 3 people, badminton ≤ 3 people, table tennis ≤ 3 people, basketball ≤ 3 people, volleyball ≤ 3 people, track and field ≤ 3 people, swim ≤3 people.

2. Admission

The Provisions and Requirements of the Executive "Sports General Administration of Sports on Doing a Good Job in 2022 Colleges and Universities" (Sports [2021] No. 208).

Sixth, tuition fees

According to the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education on Further Improvement of the Temperature of the Temples of the University of China "Xiangfa Improvement Temperature [2021] No. 646 Document Fees: 11200 yuan / Man • Year.

Seven, enrollment review and precautions

1. After the new students enrolled, our school will conduct a comprehensive review, and organize experts to conduct professional completion, if it is found that the admission conditions are not in accordance with national regulations, violating enrollment regulations, fraudulent, and cancel their qualifications.

2. Admission to the student of sports training, must not be adjusted to other majors.

3. Students in sports training professional completed training programs as required to obtain a bachelor's degree and undergraduate diploma from the Education Department of Education.

Eight, contact information

Address: No. 932, Yishan South Road, Changsha City, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Zip code: 410083

Our school has established an undergraduate enrollment supervision office, supervising and inspecting enrollment work, supervising the phone: 0731-88879252

Ten, this admissions broke out by the undergraduate enrollment office of Central South University.

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