Skiing tourists are stumbled by electric wire!Keep in mind ski safety knowledge when skiing

On January 4, a skier in Yunding Ski Square in Hebei, a skier in the Chongli District, was stumped behind the bare wire on the snow, and his head is unfortunate. He is unfortunately. The Chongli District Propaganda Department responded: the preliminary reason is an accident that is tripped by the electric wire.

Ski sports have certain dangers, accidents occurring in skiing, more skiers fall down or hit together, there is unpredictable, intentional injuries, every skier is to use The equipment is responsible for the damage caused by him or others.

In order to ski, please keep in mind ski safety knowledge!

1, first understand the probably situation of the ski resort, remember the distribution of snowfield facilities on the map, and strictly abide by the security management of the ski resort. Pay attention to the cable opening hours, don't ride when you are guarded.

2, before skiing, check the snowboard and ski stick, including if there is a place where there is a frank, is firmly connected, and whether the attachment is ready.

3, beginners should listen to the arrangements and commands of the coach and snowfield staff during the training, and must not be unauthorized to ski in the snow zone with higher technical requirements when not reaching a certain level, so as not to occur.

4, understand the relevant rules of the ski, if you want to leave the snowy road when stopping the rest, you can't affected others, you can't collide the people in front of the slipsture, otherwise you will have a major responsibility in the accident.

5. When the area of ​​the snowfield is skull, I should go early, I don't pay attention to the boundary of the snowfield or away from the camp, so as not to accident. Do not slide in the forest or easily in the forest, the time or place of avalanche, it is best to collectively operate more than three people, such as departure, must tell the companion or snow venue management.

6, master the intensity of exercise, avoiding the cold or exhaust of the cold or exhaustion due to repeated sweating. At climate mutations (such as high winds, temperature suddenly falls, etc.), it is best to stop skiing and take emergency measures.

7, learn some basic health knowledge and self-help before departure, first-aid common sense: the area of ​​ski freeze is fingers, feet, ear, nose, genital, should be selected with a good cashmere article or chemical fiber product that is good for insulation effect. Easy to sweep the trauma is a thumb brush, which is prone to disease is a stomach pain, abdominal pain, snow blindness.

8, in the skiing, don't rush to struggle, it is best to raise the footage of the limbs, so that it is not easy to injury, it should absolutely avoid scrolling. From this consideration, when the beginners slip, the connector and shoes are not too strong, and the big fall is best to automatically disengage the shoes.

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