New Youth New Movement

#酚, cheer for the new youth#I want to say, cheer for health.What does this mean?Tell us.Don't go to Huantianjiu, don't eat, drink, and play.Have time.Do you know what to do?That is to to nature to travel.Because of a lot of people to eat together and drink result.It really makes the body worse and worse.So I think as a new young man.It should be to embrace nature.Go to the gym to exercise.Or play basketball with some good friends.Whatever you do?real.drink less.Go to the bar.Go to KTV less.The warmth of the family.He will stay with you far away.The tenderness of the family who can't annihilate the time.It will only be engraved in the years.Makes you feel peaceful and clear singing.Our new youth.Should.Feel the tenderness of family and life.

time flies.We will grow the youth time!

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