Practice in advance

From now on, pregnant mothers can practice some delivery exercises appropriately, which will strengthen the expansion ability of the pelvic floor muscles of pregnant mothers, help shorten the birth of natural delivery, and reduce the pain of pregnancy in pregnant mothers.

Lower limb exercise

Action 1: This movement helps to enhance back muscles, make the lower limbs more flexible and help delivery. Sit on the ground with a c visia, straight on the back, put your hands on your knees, so that your feet and feet are leaning together. Press the outside of the thigh, relax 5 times, repeat 10 times.

Action 2: Sit on a low chair on the wall, and try to separate your feet as much as possible for about 15 minutes. Can be performed 2 to 3 times a day.

Action three: hold the table along the hand, stand steadily with both feet, slowly bent the knee, move the pelvis down, and the legs and knees are naturally separated until the knee flexed completely; until. Repeat several times.

Pelvic motion

Action 1: Sit on the ground, open your legs to the maximum, and stretch your arms towards left and right. The whole body leaned forward, and then leaned back. Repeat several times.

Action 2: Standing, the legs are separated from the shoulders, the knees are naturally bent, and your hands are placed on the waist. Twist the pelvis while exhaling. You can also exercise back and forth.

Action three: Sit on the ground, correct the body, straighten one leg to the side, bend the other leg inward, hold the legs naturally, and slowly bend the upper body down, limited to the maximum extent.

Practicing the delivery movement in advance can help shorten the birth of natural delivery. It is advisable to practice the doctor.

Perfect Daddy Training Camp: Seedsling motion may be a little funny to the prospective father, but do not make a joke for pregnant mothers for this. On the contrary, if the pregnant mother is doing delivery, the prospective father can cheer, time, and count on the side of the pregnant mother, then the motivation of pregnant mothers will also increase.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!