WHO announced the best exercise, walk, running, you can't get it, you can't think of it.

Recently, the "Willow Knife" psychosis recently published a study involving 1.2 million people, analyzing different sports, including cycling, gymnastics, jogging, walking, swimming, entertainment sports or other 8 major categories The degree of influence on mental and physical health.

The results have found that 3 movements of the team exercise, cycling and oxygen gymnastics are most beneficial to ordinary people. For the health of the body, the earnings is the highest, such as tennis, badminton, etc. The swing movement can effectively reduce the total due to the mortality of 47%. The swimming is second, which can effectively reduce the total due to the mortality of 28%, and the aerobic exercise is followed, which can reduce the 27% all-cause mortality.

What are the benefits of swinging sports?

Shot, such as tennis, not only to stimulate the shoulder muscles and arm scutets and triceps, enhance the shoulders, arm strength, can also exercise coordination and leg muscles during fast movement To achieve the purpose of strengthening fitness.

Shot, you can effectively exercise your eye, such as badminton, when you play badminton, you want to play well, you must often observe the situation of the opponent waved shot and the spheres in the high-speed flight, and this The state state will continue to shrink and relax in the eye of the eye, which greatly promotes the blood circulation of eyeball tissue, thereby improving and exercising eyesight.

At the same time, the waves, including table tennis, can also promote the brain rapid and tension, and have brain function.

In general, there is a lot of benefits to your body health, so you can try it if you usually have time, but you want to achieve the purpose of the health and fitness, pay attention to the method, pay attention to something, This is only possible.

These matters should pay attention to before swinging

First of all, it is important to warm up before exercise, first move the next joint, including cervical vertebra, shoulder, lumbar vertebrae, hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint, etc., then carry out the back muscle, waist and abdomen muscles and other parts stretch. There is also a special preparation activity of the waves, such as swinging posture, the activation of scapular stabilization muscles, running in the spherula, etc., the time is controlled in 5 ~ 10 minutes, with the body feels fever, slightly sweating, Bone bones can be expanded. At the same time, pay attention to adjust the breathing, activate the core muscle group, which is done before any movement.

Pay attention to keep the correct wave posture during exercise to avoid injury. The correct way should be: swaying the arms by the shoulder joint, the position of the waves should fall under the left side, the arm is naturally bent.

Sport time to control

Here you need to remind everyone, although the waves have great benefits to the body and mind, but the time to exercise should pay attention to control, generally the best between 45-60 minutes. If less than 45 minutes, the effect of strong body will be greatly weakened, but more than 60 minutes, not only does not increase the effect, but it is easy to overcome the body and have a bad impact. As for the motor frequency, it is generally 3-5 days a week.

Best movement of different age groups

It is also very important, waving exercise is not suitable for everyone, such as cardiopulmonary disease, shoulder sleeves, osteoporosis, tighter, flexibility, and cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis people should not be waved.

There is also the right movement of different ages, usually 1-7 years old, children can choose to swim, 8-25 people can choose the ball sports, 26-45 people can choose to climb, jog, 46-65, people aged 46-65 can choose to walk, strength exercise, people after 65 years old will do more.

So if it is not suitable for waving sports, don't force it, you can try other sports, which is also very beneficial to physical and mental health.

Whether it is wave shot, or other movement, as long as you master the method, it is not harmful to your health. Everyone can choose the exercise of his own demand and preference, and quickly move, after all, there is a good voice saying "life is moving".

Today, have you exercised?


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