Will the World Cup Korean door suspected makeup exercise can make makeup?

South Korean World Cup goalkeeper suspect makeup is the Editor? In the group stage the night before the World Cup, the Korean team against Sweden, although it lost the race, but the South Korean goalkeeper Zhao Xianyou motionless but with hair, delicate makeup and won the hot search.

The World Cup is an exciting game, a game down, estimated that each player will be sweating, facial skin because of excitement and a "Gaoyuanhong", and certainly hair wet da da. However, in last night's game, the Korean goalkeeper Zhaoxian You gave melons for the masses has brought a different kind of scenery: 90 minutes of the game down, his hair did not chaos, facial skin white and delicate, bushy eyebrows neat, it general ...... dressed up like this, Chinese netizens have hot, are seeking the same section of hair gel and foundation ......

Zhaoxian stay Meng cute move, coupled with excellent game play, and instantly made him countless pink circle. However, Zhaoxian You make-up on the field, make-up exercise, this really okay?

South Korean World Cup goalkeeper suspect movement makeup makeup can do?

When in motion you can do makeup?

The World Cup is a highly anticipated event, every player wants to be able to ground handsome mirror, a makeup is not impossible, but on the makeup to participate in sports, in terms of skin is not a good thing oh.

New York named Dr. Neal Schultz dermatologist has said that the practice of cosmetic exercise should not be advocated. Because people in motion, the body will sweat excreted, and if the make-up, it is likely to hinder the discharge face sweat; moreover, when the body is in motion, the skin needs to breathe, and cosmetics also contains a lot of colors, flavors , preservatives, etc., can easily be sucked into the skin, the cause pores are blocked, eventually induce skin inflammation, acne, acne and other issues, long-term there may be rotten face!

South Korean World Cup goalkeeper suspect movement makeup makeup can do?

The motion did not want makeup how to do?

Know the make-up movement is not good, but if encountered a male god (goddess) how to do the exercise? You can not withstand the face of smallpox go to the gym, right? In fact, the make-up exercise is also desirable, as long as know how to use makeup tips, you can easily get rid of the damage caused to the skin makeup movement.

1, moisture

The first step in make-up, the key is to do moisturizing work, because people in the exercise, sweat more, and rapid loss of water, the skin can easily become dry. So before makeup, you should wash your face, then use fresh and not greasy moisturizing skin care products do work.

2, makeup

Makeup movement, the key is to give a fresh clean feeling, and should not blindly pursue "substantial white" effect, not coated with a thick foundation. Therefore, we had better choose milk instead of moist and not greasy foundation before makeup or sunscreen, as a makeup base

3, eye makeup

When in motion, the body sweat more, if this time you draw a smoky makeup Mimi, I am afraid will become a rhythm panda eyes. Therefore, exercise is not recommended eye shadow, eyeliner and eyelashes to focus on at the can.

4, skin care after exercise

After the movement is completed, the skin pores because the temperature cools restraint. So, to avoid skin filth, we should work in a timely manner to clean up remover.

We talk so much, small or suggest that you do makeup motion it! After all, in the sports arena, sports rely on personal charm to Make technology, rather than face value. In addition, exercise too knows, done after the body motion, sweat will make the skin become more glossy, heart beats people face blush, this effect is, in fact, more beautiful than the make-up!

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