Which will swim in drowning?Will swim the drowning of this action

Summer is the most suitable season for swimming and playing, and is also a high festival of drowning events. Moreover, the more you swim, the more you swim, the easier, the easier, and the risks of drowning. Shenyang Health Education Center, Deputy Director, Yan Xia, to tell the important methods of self-rescue and his saving during drowning.

Accidents, don't struggle, head, back, breathing

Submerged in the water due to water, sludge and weeds to block the respiratory or in the reflective laryngeal, trachea, and bronchospasic is called drowning. Yan Xia said that the first aid to drowning should start from falling water, first learn to self-help, follow the first aid to others.

If you don't swim, once you fall in water, you must keep calm, try to breathe, wait for rescue. Self-help method: take the surface position, the top of the head, the mouth can be breathing, and it can not be lifted or struggled in the hand, otherwise it is easier to sink.

When "cramps" in the water, the body will save the group.

Will swimmer drowning because of gastrocneor census, that is, a commonly known as "calf cramp." To prevent "cramps", first guarantee a good rest before swimming, do warm-up activities before going down the water, the water temperature should be slow and slow, gradually adapt.

Once "cramps" in the water, the self-help method is: 1. Hold the body into a group, the head floats the surface, and take a deep breath. 2. Immerse the face into the water, pull the thumb of the sputum to pull forward, so that the thumb up, continuous use, until the pain disappears, and the sputum will stop. 3. Repeated breathing and massage the pain of the pain, slowly swim on the shore.

When saving people, I was hugged by the drowning. First

What do you need to pay attention to if you find someone drowning, prepare for water to save? Yan Xia introduced that first ambulance should calm down, take off our clothes, especially shoes boots, and quickly swim near the drowning. Second, the ambulator should be close from the drowning, and use one hand from behind the drowning head, and the other hand grabs the drowning arm, travel to the shore. If you have been hugged by drowning, you should let go, so that the drowning is loosen, and the ambulance is carried out.

Experts remind that if the ambulator's own swimming technology is not skilled, it is best to carry a life-saving circle, board or boat for ambulance, or cast a rope, bamboo pole, etc., let drowners caught, then drag the shore.

The first aid "four steps" should not forget 120

After the drowning, after saving the shore, you should follow the following four steps:

1. Remove the mouth immediately, the weeds, sludge in the nasal, keep the respiratory tract smooth, and call 120.

2. Pouring water: Quickly put the patient on the thigh of the rescuer, the drowning head down, rescuers pressing its back to make the water in the respiratory tract and the stomach. The water time should not be too long, so as not to delay the recovery time.

3. When the drowning is in a coma, press the hand to press the middle hole (located at 1/3 and lower 2/3 intersection of the human medium). Massage Method: Middleware with thumb, 20-40 times per minute, more than 0.5-1 seconds each time. Attention should not be too strong.

4. If the drowning is breathing, the heartbeat stops, and the heart and lung recovery should be carried out immediately. Cardiopulmonary rescue time is generally not less than 30 minutes.

Children's swimming class, the most easily ignored place

There are a lot of safety hazards in children's swimming training courses to see high-state analysis of national intermediate swimming coaches.

Total one: Does not have a swimming pool? Be unable to

Many parents have a special small child to learn to swim, and the high state said this is not encouraged. Children learn to swim age, six or seven years old is right, minimum can not be less than 5 years old, because it is too small for children, understanding, acceptance and physical strength, etc.

To remind it that if there is a pool for children, parents can pay attention. At present, the water depth of the standard swimming pool is shallow to depth is 1.6 ~ 2.2.2 meters, and the half standard is 1.2 to 1.9 meters, these are dangerous for children.

Tour: One coach tested ten children? Be unable to

Gao Guoli suggests, don't report the kind of class, a coach, five or six children, it is difficult to come, there is a safety hazard.

But it is also best not to report one-on-one, because the child is easy to feel boring, losing learning interest. It is best to have an approximately 2 to 3 small partners together, go to learn together, can be a companion, and it is also cost-effective.

To point three: Resolutely not let parents accompany? Be unable to

Learning swimming is a dangerous life, for the safety of children, if parents can accompany it.

However, the high state reminder, do not follow the child, otherwise it will be distracted, and the child is easy to slack. It is best to closely observe more far, once there is danger, hire it.

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