Long-term does not exercise, harmful than smoking!After reading it!

We all know that proper exercise is conducive to promoting the health of the body, and the harm of "sedentary" is not worthy of people. Recently, a study in the US Cleveran Clinic said that compared with smoking, diabetes, heart disease, etc., the lack of exercise on the body's harm is actually a bigger!

Test shows that lack of athletic death risk!

In order to explore the relationship between the exercise and the risk of death and death, the research team has conducted a 23-year trial of 120,000 patients. The test content is to detect the running scores on the treadmill. It has been found that those who have poor running scores are less than 2 times higher than those of renal function; the lack of sports people, the most death risk is 6 times higher than the best exercise.

The study also shows that the risk of insufficient sports exceeds smoking, diabetes, heart disease! In this regard, experts advocate people must adhere to exercise every day to improve physical fitness, reduce physical hazards and risk of death.

Long-term lack of sports, beware of these harm!

1, causing obesity

Long-term non-exercise, calorie intake is larger than consumption, and excess heat will be converted to fat storage in the body, causing obesity. Persist in motion exercise can consume excess heat and fat, thereby maintaining the nice of the body.

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