"Beneficial" Healthy Run 4 points

When the winter is coming, the weather is getting more cold, and the selectivity of the sports project is also less. The running of civilians has become the most popular people in winter sports, but they must pay attention to skills to "benefit" fitness.

Healthy jogging should pay attention to the following four points: time, appropriate amount, appropriate body and pain problem.

1. Timely. Running habits need to be run according to their own age, with the increase of their age, to reduce training. At the same time, pay attention to the running season, such as a "night cat-type sleepers", there is no need to change your life habits to exercise, he can arrange the running time in the afternoon or evening.

2. Moderate. Weekly fitness runs no more than 4 times, the total amount is less than 30 kilometers. If you still have energy and physical strength, you can practice other items in your run, especially the knee movement is hit. Can be low impact dance, upper limb strength training, water surface training, elliptical machine, etc.

3. Ampatriator. According to individual differences, training programs are arranged. You have to increase the training amount based on your own actual, follow the summons of your own body itself, don't deliberately take the amount of training.

4. Pain problems. When you encounter muscles, joint pain or other discomfort during running training; if it is not easy to eliminate, it is necessary to stop training, rest health or consulting training experts, find problems, and resolve problems. Training.

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