Sit up, simple exercise is more

A 25-year-old young man in Taiwan, who felt the whole body weakness below the neck after a few sit-ups When sending to the hospital, consciousness is clear, but the limbs are paralyzed, and the size is incontinent. After the doctor's examination, the man was sit-ups in the way in the way, causing the blood vessels in the cervical vertebrae to burst, blood clots oppressed the nerve, and thus the whole body of the neck. After timely surgery, the man returned to health.

The purpose of people doing sit-ups usually have the following: weight loss, exercise (cardiopulmonary function), increase abdominal muscles. In fact, if you do it correctly, your sit-ups can also enhance the flexibility of abdominal muscles, and can also receive the effect of protecting the back and improving the body. Conversely, if not improper, sit-ups are not only wasting time, or even harmful.

The location of the sit-ups is important: sit-up is a very common way to exercise. Its standard posture is left on the floor, and the knees are left around 90 degrees. The foot is flat on the ground. Use the abdominal muscle contraction. According to the strength of its own abdominal muscles, the position of both hands is placed, the more hands are close to the head, carry When you sit up, you will feel it. After lifting the body from 10 to 20 cm, it should be tightened and slightly paused, and then slowly drop the body into the original position. When the back is landed, the next loop action can be started. In the process of sit-ups, abdominal muscles actually participate in work at the beginning of the initial stage, and then change the hip of the flexor of the hip. The position of the hand is very important in sit-ups. The beginner can rely on both sides of the body. When it is adapted or improved, it can cross the chest. Finally, you can also try to cross your hand behind the head, but every hand should be placed on the shoulder on the other side of the body. Don't cross your fingers behind your fingers, so as not to force the muscles of the neck when you force, and this will also reduce the amount of abdominal muscles.

The time distance of the runaway is the most critical: It can be seen that the standard sports posture is necessary, such as common rutys, will also cause knee joints. The motion intensity of the runaway is relatively large, each time is long, the distance is far away, it is easy to hurt the knee, causing chronic tear of half-month, causing knee arthritis, there is a pain, there is joint swelling, The flexion or extension is limited, the upper and lower stairs are difficult, the joint "stramp lock" and joints are symptoms. Each exercise time is between 30 minutes and 1 hour, each time is up to four or five kilometers, while speed is not too fast. Try not to run off on the treadmill, the frequency of the treadmill is high in the body coordination requirements. If there is no rhythm with the rhythm, it is easy to hurt.

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