Which changes in the body will happen after a year?

Sports, is a good doctor of the body. If you suddenly feel the body, the mental is tired, then it is very likely due to lack of exercise, at this time, you may wish to go out of the house and participate in physical exercise. However, if the movement does not stick to it, it is impossible to bring much improvement to the body. Only by step by step, strive to insist, and exercise will bring a return to the body. So, which changes have you happen after 1 year?

Which changes in the body will happen after a year?

The first movement - the head is awake

The initial movement is generally not appropriate to participate in the fierce project (such as basketball, swimming, etc.), it is best to choose a slow run, quick walk, table tennis, badminton, etc. Does not cost a lot of physical exercise. After 30 minutes, I believe that the feeling of sweating will make you feel tired and happy, and the heart rate will also make the cerebral blood volume and oxygen supply. I woke up the next day, although there will be a backache feeling, this feeling will generally disappear within 3 days, and it can also feel that the mind has become more flexible.

2 months of exercise - the physical quality is strong

After 2 months of exercise, you may find that the body is weak, the physical fitness is slow, and the endurance has also enhanced many: walk the stairs no longer panting, the bucket is easy to breathe. Get it, even if you can't get on the card, you can walk on work at the speed of 100 meters sprint ...

Sports 8 months - muscle formation

After 8 months, the human body model will slowly change, and the man will find that the muscles become more strong. When the street has a face, the woman will find that the small abdomen is thin, and the clothes when middle school can have no pressure. Put on it.

Sports for 1 year - bones become strong

Bone density refers to the density of mineral content in the bone. It is a measurement indicator of bone strength. The higher the bone density of people, indicating that the bones are stronger, and the risk of fracture or osteoporosis is lower. A study on the International Academic Journal PNAs found that after the exercise, a molecule produced by human muscles, increased bone density, so if the human body participated in sports, then osteoporosis, the risk of fracture will be great reduce.

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