Three top-level muscle food!Want to look at this muscle, let you achieve the muscle objective faster

I don't know if you have discovered a "strange" phenomenon: a lot of fitness muscles, you need a lot of protein, but why everyone runs to eat meat and put tofu aside, it is so high, what is this? What about the reason?

First, the fitness muscle, how can I eat it?

Let's first look at the people who have the increase in muscles, choose meat, don't choose tofu? In fact, this is also the reason. The tofu protein content sold in the market is unstable, and it can reach 15% / 100g, but most of them are only 4% -10%, and the meat cannot be compared.

In addition, the protein species is also different, and tofu is a plant protein and the meat is an animal protein, animal protein can increase muscle.

Because the human body's absorption utilization rate is not high, and the animal protein also has a variety of nutrients necessary for lysine, immunoglobulin, creatine, etc., which has a great help, and tofu If these ingredients are not available, they will not have this effect.

So, the overall looks, the muscles choose to eat meat. But pay attention to access if these proteins are simply taken by meat, but may bring other health problems, so balanced diet, it is the most critical.

· High protein low fat meat

The protein content among the meat food is about 10% -20%, and it is essential for the people of the muscles.

Different kinds of animals and parts are different, we'd better choose high-protein low-fat meat, such as skinny beef, cow, bull leg meat, peel chicken breast, fish, shrimp, etc. At the same time, try to add some bacon, pickled meat, meat, etc.

· High cellulose fruit and vegetable

There is a large number of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, and it is also important for those who increase muscle.

Like boron, zinc and Vc can promote testosterone secretion, and testosterone is conducive to facilitating muscle growth; and lycopene, VC, VE, etc. have certain antioxidant effects, which can effectively remove excessive oxidized substances caused by strength training. To protect muscle cells to promote fatigue.

Whear protein powder

The absorption rate of whey protein powder is high and contains a number of amino acids, which can help us to avoid obstructing a substance when synthesizing muscles can help us reduce muscles lost in training.

Therefore, if the meal cannot be taken enough to take a sufficient protein, you can choose to make a lack of protein by taking whey protein powder.

The most important muscle is the most important, or divestine, diversified, although it is good, it is not a long time to eat only a meat, which may bring other health problems.

Second, three muscles are common, every one is pit, do you have any?

1, more painful, the more you eat, the you can grow muscles?

From a small education, let us feel "there is a return", although it is true, but if you give this idea, the result will often become "disaster".

Because muscle growth is not only for strength training, it is important to ensure that nutritional intake and enough rest. If long-term consumption is greater than intake, even if it is more fortunate, it will not cause muscle dissolution, and the circumference becomes small but inevitable.

At the same time, there are many people feel that the more you eat, the faster your muscles, this idea is also very dangerous, muscles grow take time. If the training level is not enough to eat, the last muscle does not say that it will lead to excessive fat, causing obesity, even increasing the gastrointestinal burden, and induces the disease.

Therefore, the increase in muscle should not operate exudential, slowly, you can eat less, but it is necessary to increase the intensity of exercise, and intake can be gradually increased.

2, the stronger the acid pain, the better the muscles effect?

Delayed acid pain, the better the increase in muscle, but in a certain extent, your muscle fibers are being destroyed, and in the long run, it may affect motion damage.

3, only focus on modified muscle details

When many people just started to exercise, they would want some part to see some, spend a lot of time and energy to practice the isolated movement of the single joint, but this is very dangerous.

Because when the overall muscles are insufficient, the modification is like building an air-building Pavilion, and the human body cannot make the local muscles are not proportionally developed, and the overall development of the like cannot be separated from large weight.

So the newcomer is the most important thing to make the most common basic actions, and when you look good, you will train some places to do more perfect.

Want to effectively increase muscle, must pay attention to the right way, if you have the above-mentioned mistakes, you must change it as soon as possible. In addition, there are still some bad habits in life, and will also affect the muscles. Everyone must pay attention.

Third, these four bad habits seriously hinder the muscles, many people are still committing

Bad habit, smoking and drinking

Smoking can damage the blood vessels, the nutrients in the blood cannot be transferred to the muscles in time, causing oxygen deficiency, lack of intake of protein and moisture, and muscle growth must be indispensable, while drinking will reduce testosterone secretion, reduce fitness Effect.

Walking habit, staying up late

Growth hormone is an essential substance that muscle synthesis, growth hormone has the most secretion of 10 o'clock in the evening, and the other time is less, so if he will affect the secretion of this hormone, affect health effect. Be

Wad habit, excessive aerobic training

Excessive oxygen training will consume the body's muscle content, which is not conducive to the muscles, so do some power training during the increase in muscle.

Wad habit, too low training strength

Some people like "less weight, many times" to increase muscles, I feel that this will not be too tired, and you can better make your own muscles, so that exercise effect will be better, but the truth is if you exercise Insufficient strength is impossible to stimulate muscle growth.

Want to effectively increase muscles, must pay attention to ways to avoid some misunderstandings and bad habits, so that the best increase muscle can be achieved. Finally, fitness muscles need a long time, don't be eager to seek, but must insist, insisting on victory.

Interaction: What actions can be effectively increased?


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