100 million people are pretending fitness: Why do we want to fit?

It's a 2020 Olympic year, and the State Sports General Administration has planned, and by 2020, the number of physical exercise has reached 435 million. It is currently 35 million from this goal. According to the "2019 Sports Consumption Trend Report" and public data, 100 million people are pretending fitness: I bought sports equipment and rarely exercise, but I have rarely go to fitness. Is it something you?

Anyway, fitness is a lot of benefits to the body, let's talk about it today.

First, what is the benefit of men insisted on fitness?

1, improvement function

According to a survey, compared to the sedentary sedentary, keep 4 times a week, 30 minutes a day, or other sports equivalent to energy, such as swimming, jogging, etc., can make adult men's sexual function The incidence of obstacles is reduced by 2/3. So appropriate fitness is very helpful.

2, let the skin become better

Although Chinese women do not like the stadium like foreigners, they like a thin man, they prefer a little muscles, look high, playing the man who is very handsome, which makes them feel safe. And often fitness men's skin will be better, people also look more youthful.

3, unzip

Living in this high-pressure society, men face the pressure every day is the biggest, give up, too much, don't give up, I am so angry. It is better to use fitness to extract it. Related researchers have found that people in the process of running have a substance called "endorphin", "endorphin" can make people's body in a relaxed and pleasant state. "Enemorin" is therefore also known as "happy hormones" or "young hormones", which makes people feel happy and satisfied, helping people to do pressure and unhappiness.

4, enhance confidence

Fitness is a long-term adhered process, can exercise patient, and the body's illness is less, which will make you more confident.

5, improve sleep

The man in the workplace is easy to insomnia, because the pressure is too big. Sleep is not good, affect people's attention, and the work effect will also fall straight. Regular fitness can help you sleep quickly, stay away from insomnia.

Second, what is the benefit of a woman insisted on the rib?

1, strong body

The legs are running six meridians, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, bladder, stomach. The role of the strainer is to remove the garbage of these meridians, which acts as a strong fit.

Tong Yan, "People's Leg First Old", adhere to "Raisan", the leg meridians are smooth, the blood is running, so that you will always be young, you can feel your feelings.

2, anti-waist leg pain

The pulling teased the gluten, so that the misplaced spine is reset, so the "bone is soft, blood and blood", the pain, hemp, the whole body, the whole body, the academic disorder, the hemp, swelling, etc., thereby slowing down.

3, strengthen renal function

The stretch can open the back of the Dusel and the bladder, which is of great significance for health, because the Directa is the meeting of Zhuyang, the passage of the Yuanqi, this pulse is enhanced, and the kidney is the first day, the spirit of the first day, People's energy, strong performance is rely on the power of renal function.

4, enhanced function

Three lauds are soft and improved in the inside of the thigh. And these three eremissible people are powerful. Therefore, men must enhance their ability to enhance their performance, one of the easiest and effective ways is the easiest way to reduce sexual performance.

5, diagnosis of disease

The strainer is both treatments and diagnostics. If you don't have a knee pain when the stretch is not straight, it is depelled; if the crotch, the nest (knees) pain indicate that the bladder is blocked, there is a problem with the waist; the arm after lying down is not possible to stick to the stool It indicates frozen.

6, improve body metabolism

The body stretch will make the effect of the basic metabolism, so you can definitely develop the extension in daily life in daily life! Moreover, stretching will also help lymph flow, so it can effectively eliminate the edema of the foot, so that the line becomes more beautiful.

Third, what is the benefit of the old man insisted on running?

1, improve sleep quality

Through running, the blood supply of the brain can increase by 25%, and the quality of sleep in the night will be improved.

2, "ventilation" role

During running, the capacity of the pulmonary has increased from 5.8 liters to 6.2 liters, while the amount of cargo in the blood will also increase.

3, "pump"

In motion, the frequency and efficacy of cardiac beats greatly increases, and the elasticity of heartbeat, blood pressure and blood vessel walls has increased.

4, promote health

Running can promote the generation of blood cells and hot stocks, which can eliminate a lot of viruses and bacteria in our body.

5, keep solid

Regular jogging exercises, tendons, ligaments, and joint damage capabilities will be strengthened, reducing the chances of motion injury. At the same time, skin, muscle and connective tissue can also become more secure.

6, eliminate tension

Jogging can inhibit the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol, which can be released, and people can feel relaxed "endorphine".

7. Keep young

Regular exercise, growth hormone HGH is increased and can delay aging.

8, save energy

Through running, the storage amount of muscle hepatic glycogen rises from 350 grams to 600 grams, and the number of mitochondria will rise.

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